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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Who's setting the Balkans on fire? FYRMacedonian Maidan and the Ottoman trail


The unrest in Macedonia was unexpected to the uninitiated. They started with an opposition party announcement that police is covering up the killing of a young man by prime minister's security detail in 2011. Several experts have linked this sudden unrest, which threatens to destabilize not only FYRMacedonia but the Balkans as a whole, with the country's refusal to join sanctions and Skopje's support for the Turkish Stream. This version assumes, at the conspiracy level theory, that the unrest was inspired by US intelligence services which are trying to make life difficult for Russia.

I'm not wholly rejecting this scenario, although let's just say that an expert as well informed as Aleksandr Sobyanin, the Director of Strategic Planning Service of the Border Area Cooperation Association, rejected it. In his view, the unrest in FYRMacedonia has nothing to do with Turkish Stream. Paradoxical, isn't it? But if we are to dig deeper, we'll realize the aims of the complex game played by the world's intelligence services in the Balkans, including the Turkish MIT which is playing the first fiddle.

Background Note: MIT (Milli Istikhabat Teshkilati) is the National Intelligence Organization of Turkey, created on the basis of the earlier MEH, or the National Security Service.

For starters, the Balkans are penetrated by the extensive spider web of the Albanian  Mafia which is wholly controlled by MIT. The Albanians' business in Europe consists of drugs and other smuggled goods.

Kosovo Albanians control 70% of Germany's and Switzerland's heroin market. The Balkans have become a transit corridor which originates in South-Eastern Asia. The so-called Balkan Route carries 80% of all drugs sold in Europe. Albania, Kosovo, and western Macedonia have become a large drug warehouse.

Opium from Afghanistan and Pakistan is processed in Turkey, then sent to Europe via Kosovo and Czech Republic. Then the Balkan Route continues to Great Britain through the French port of Calais. Turkey supports the Albanian drug trade on state level, through its embassies, consulates, and cultural centers. Albanian Mafia is today the most powerful in Europe, having crushed even the Cosa Nostra and become a de-facto branch of Al-Qaeda in Europe. It is invulnerable to police infiltration because it is built on familial clans which gives the criminal network and the Turkish intelligence that is backing it considerable ability to destabilize the situation in any European country. In my view, the Albanian, and, therefore, the Turkish trail, should be sought even in the Charlie Hebdo affair. It can't be ruled out that's what the two investigators from Limoges, who committed suicide in suspicious circumstances, were trying to unravel.

On May 10 a group of Albanian militants invaded Kumanovo, which is populated by a concentrated Albanian minority, in order to launch a separatist uprising. The police was able to neutralize the intruders with some difficulty. Eight police died. The Prime Minister of Macedonia Nikola Gruyevsky was then accused of inability to deal with the Albanian Mafia, which provoked additional unrest.

Europe right now is gravely worried about the possibility of a big war in the Balkans. There are good reasons for such worries. Thus far Albanians have always gotten what they wanted. Their dream is the creation of  Greater Albania.

Background Note: Greater Albania is the pan-Albanian idea of uniting all territories which are or were at any point in time inhabited by the Albanian ethnos. Most of Greater Albania is located on the territory of former Yugoslavia. In the event of successful implementation of the project, the contemporary Albania would be joined by north-western portions of Macedonia, southern areas of Serbia including Kosovo and Preshevo valley, and the southern regions of Montenegro which are populated by Albanians. Albanian nationalist ideologues consider northern parts of Greece their territory as well.

The likelihood of unrest expanding to the point of reaching the stage of controlled chaos is quite high in several Balkan states. It can't be ruled out that European great powers, France and Germany, will turn a blind eye on it, hoping that the Albanian nationalists will neutralize the tendency by several small European states, including Macedonia but also Greece and Serbia, to pursue an independent economic and political course. But the real beneficiary of the next big Balkan war would be Turkey. Its president Erdogan, who is backed by the army, concluded an alliance with Turkey's islamists as part of a general effort to restore the Ottoman Empire.

Already five years ago Turkey's Prime Minister Akhmet Davutoglu described Turkey's geostrategic vectors: "We'll make the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East together with Turkey the center of future international politics. This is the objective of Turkey's foreign policy and we will reach it. There are more Bosnians in Turkey than in Bosnians, more Abkhaz and Chechens than in Abkhazia and Chechnya, more Albanians than in Albania, because that's our Ottoman inheritance."

The Albanians are being used as an instrument. Their task is to create chaos in the Balkans, turn them into Europe's Somalia. Right now Ukraine is being "somalized". Balkans are next in line.

When the suffering of the Balkan peoples becomes unbearable, when a genuine humanitarian catastrophe starts unfolding, then Turkish peacekeepers will appear "on a white horse." The Turkish Army will harshly suppress Albanian crime networks, stop the bloodshed, and will de-facto control problem territories. Thus re-establishing Ottoman possessions in Europe. 
The second vector of Ottoman expansion is the Middle East. Here the Turks can get only as far as Syria, which Russia will never give up, not to the Turks nor to ISIS. Likewise Turkey has no prospects for success in the foreseeable future in the Caucasus, and their leaders understand it. 
Therefore Russian diplomacy, which understands the "Turkish game" perfectly well, is conducting itself in a correct and even calm manner when commenting on Balkan events. As of right now Turkey's schemes don't threaten Russia's interests. Moreover, Russia's intervention in the Balkans would be too big a burden to bear, considering our current stand-off with the West. The US is limiting itself to general editing of the Balkan scenario because they, too, would benefit from controlled chaos.

Nobody talks out loud about their intentions. Everyone is calling for peace. And, as often happens in such cases, war is becoming inevitable. 

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