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Saturday, August 2, 2014

GREECE: The Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Anthimos, spoke against the Islam and the Mayor of Thessaloniki

Anthimos against Loverdos and Boutaris  

The Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, Anthimos, spoke against the Minister of Education and the Mayor of Thessaloniki, for their stance in favor of establishing an Islamic studies department at the Aristotle University Once again, the Church is trying to maintain what the politicians in this country are trying to destroy by their words and acts. 
The intervention of the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki Anthimos, is once again highly important, on the stance of the Minister of Education, Andrew Loverdos and Thessaloniki Mayor, who are in a big "hurry" for the establishing of Islamic Studies Department at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The Metropolitan of Thessaloniki reproaches Mr. Loverdos and Mr Boutaris, saying:

"Lord have mercy" and expressing thereby the hope that the two politicians would realize the size of the historical impropriety, in which they lead the country."It is our duty to evaluate Turkey's bid to expand again in the Balkans with wicked ways ... Greece is Orthodox Christian country and member of E.U. We do not accept islamic-turkish presence in our country," says Mr. Anthimos, among others.

OCC 247 will bring in the coming days in the limelight a number of events that occur in Thrace and are not published, since in some of these, some Muslim MPs are playing a leading role...The announcement of the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki in details:

"I heard from the TV channel SKAI, the discussion for the effort ​​to establish in Thessaloniki an 'Islamic Studies Department' in the Orthodox Theological School of the Aristotle University. This effort was adopted by the majority of the Department of Theology and was dismissed by the majority of the Department of Pastoral and Social Theology. This effort is in my view and in the feeling of the people of Thessaloniki, criminal. While the problem of Thrace is so serious, our people want to expand the presence of Islamists in Thessaloniki! Moreover, the question arises: is it possible ever to coexist Islam with the Orthodox Christian Theology?

If this, finally happen, within two years the Turks will be boast that they extend from Evros to Thessalloniki! Turks mocks forty years the Ecumenical Patriarchate for the reopening of the Theological School of the Halki and we tell them to come to Thessaloniki. This is a crime.  The Minister of Education and Religious Affairs Mr. Andreas Loverdos, whom I know and appreciate, in order to justify his positive view on the subject, argued that the four Metropolitans of Thrace, who are very dear to me, agreed on the establishment of an Islamic Studies Department in the Orthodox Theological School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki! 

Mr. Minister, excuse me, but please ask the Secretary General of Religious Affairs, due to his jurisdiction: Do they have, four or more provincial Metropolitans, the right to decide on a any issue that concern another Diocese? That means that the four metropolitans of Thrace will decide the solution of a serious problem which concerns the Apostolic and historical Metropolis of Thessaloniki? Lord have mercy.As for the other things that were said in the show of Skai by the Mayor Mr. Boutaris and the journalists, abound in misapprehension and formalities. 

It is our duty to assess Turkey's bid to be expanded again in the Balkans with devious ways and to take heed of the atrocities in Iraq and Syria for religious reasons. Our Greece is an Orthodox Christian country and a member of the European Union. We do not accept islamic-turkish presences in our country.
As a horrible epilogue we quote from the website 'Agioreitiko Vima' the following news: The Turkish Minister of Health, Mehmet Muezzinoglu, when he was visited Greece he stated that "The Known Cathedral of Patron Saint of Thessaloniki converted in 1917 into Christian Church, while it was the big and nominal Kasimige Kami in which the Muslim congregation made ​​their prayers." 
And no Greek told him that, before the years of Turkish slavery, The Church of St. Demetrius was for centuries an Orthodox Christian Church, a true glory of the Greeks Orthodox Christians."
"Guards, Be alert"

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