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Friday, February 20, 2015

GREECE: Crucified Jesus icon weeps since Syriza won the elections VIDEO

'Tears': An icon of Christ being crucified at a church said by priests to have been 'crying' since January 25 

No information on fate of Christian leaders abducted in Syria in 2013

Image result for Patriarch John X of Antioch and All the East said at a meeting with Patriarch Kirill    

The Israel Connection: Europe's Right-Wing Populists Find Allies in Israel

  A woman in a headscarf walks past a campaign poster for the Freedom Party of Austria depicting party leader Heinz-Christian Strache.     

Britain's Coptic Christian community 'scared to be in UK' after Libya killings

Image result for Britain's Coptic Christian community 

Ukrainian Orthodox Church accuses Filaret of asking Kiev to continue the war

Image result for Ukrainian Orthodox Church Filaret poroshenko

Zionist Christians and Right wing in Israel- Dangerous Allies

Image result for Zionist Christians

Friday, February 6, 2015

Christian Woman Takes Over Podium at Muslim Event: “Islam will never dominate the United States and by the grace of God, it will never dominate Texas.” VIDEO


Father Seraphim Rose - Living the Orthodox Worldview VIDEO


Sen. John McCain Threatens to Arm Kiev, With or Without Obama's Blessing


This is not about the schools, it's about the Sharia Law: Russian Orthodox Church Spokesman Supports Sharia Law


Israel after Russian property, Kremlin must intervene - Russian Spiritual Mission in Jerusalem


Obama is Our God, Our Lord and Savior: Ukraine’s Top Cleric Calls for US Arms for Kiev

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Iraqi Christians take up arms in fight against ISIS


No, Jordan's King Abdullah II is not personally flying planes against Isis


Kurdish president: ’We are ready to go into the final war’ against ISIS

File photo of President Barzani with Peshmerga commanders in August. 

ISIS bomb factory, compound in Iraq destroyed by CF-18 fighter jets

Canadian warplanes have gone into action again in Iraq, bombing a militant compound and bomb-making factory in separate raids over the last few days.   

Thursday, February 5, 2015

President Putin Invites New Greek PM Tsipras to Visit Russia


Is War Over? Ukraine Crisis - Merkel, Hollande, Putin to Meet Friday


Breaking: ISIS Beheads Iraqi Priest Polous Yacoub

King Of Jordan To Bomb ISIS In Syria personally

Embedded image permalink
 Jordanian King Abdullah II

Passages through Paradise - A trip to Mount Athos, Documentary (Eng sub)

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Syria to Jordan: Help us fight ISIS and al-Qaeda


Isis militants are using mentally challenged children as suicide bombers and crucifying others, says UN body


Elder Paisios on Yoga and Hinduism VIDEO

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Is Prince Charles a paedophile too? Prince Charles relied on Jimmy Savile as key aide who sat in on meetings and read over his speeches


Greek wine tasting new draw to Manatee church's annual festival


Ukraine led by 'miserable Jews,' says head of the new - proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic


So, when are all of these child rapists/pedophiles going to prison: Prince Andrew’s Viral Video of Sex Slave Scandal With Underage Girl Caught On Tape (PHOTO)

Prince Andrew's Viral Video of Sex Slave Scandal With Underage Girl Caught On Tape (PHOTO) 

ISIS release video of hostage Jordanian pilot being burned alive VIDEO

Church is not fused with the state, but it won't be driven into ghetto


Victims of the Armenian Genocide to be canonized


St. Luke's Orthodox Church Community Comes Together After Fire

NASA is planning a mission to Europa, one of the best candidates for alien life - Europa’s Biological Mystery

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Elder Ephraim: How the demons hate the Jesus Prayer - The Jesus Prayer burns the demons

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

St Isaac The Syrian And Elder Joseph The Hesychast On Temptations VIDEO

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Prince Charles wailed 'I can't go through with it' on eve of marriage to Princess Diana, biography claims



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