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Friday, April 1, 2011

Monks from Mount Athos resist paying taxes

THE STATE .. He dropped out of Mount Athos-LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER 


The alarm bells ringing in the Prime Athonites fathers for the degrading attitude of the State apentanti Mount Athos and the burning issues that have been abandoned .. while seeking the contributions of leaders of countries with Orthodox religious presence in Atho.Tha be the leaders of these countries to exert pressure on the Greek government for the strict observance of the self-governed and privileges in touypogrammizei Athos pigi.I appeal to European courts are very unlikely, says.
In a letter of Double Holy Assembly, which was discussed at yesterday's regular meeting of the Holy Community (party representatives and abbots of monasteries) to the Prime Minister, complained about "unprecedented apaxiosin by which continues to address the yperchilietis Mount Athos, in an entirely ADVERSE in their historic, spiritual and koinonikin incapable of Mount Athos world, "he says.
This movement of Athos leaves no doubt as to the novelty of breaking that characterizes the state of Mount Athos, which is treated with hostility that leaves us speechless .. that is presently undertaken by protin wearing in the Greek state once adopted Charter in 1926. "highlight the fathers to the letter sent to Papandreou.
Meanwhile, it remains inactive, the interministerial committee set up by the Prime Minister for greater collaboration between Mount Athos and state 'first and last time they met was created last October!
The restoration works of the monasteries and relics preservation have been stopped due to lack of funding as studies KEDAK (center management Athos heritage) are not recognized by the archaeological service. As a result, projects are underway to freeze and in danger of disappearing permanently kondylia.Apo representatives of state, ministers and ministry officials, not only is there will only apaxiosi.Niothoume isolated. Notes categorically monastic source.
Also, the tax rate of 20% established in the monasteries income, rent from land, apartments and karastimata provoked strong reactions in the monastic community as well as those revenues are kept by monasteries and covered the hospitality of thousands of pilgrims visit Mount Athos. Under reliable information, already arrived at Karyes, capitals of Mount Athos, the first notices of the tax authorities to pay taxes under threat of criminal penalties on managers of the monasteries.
1,200,000 acres of land devoted to Athos in the early '20s to the needs of landless refugees from Asia Minor. "The Charter provides for customs and tax privileges to Mount Athos, which the state seeks to afairesei.syplironei the same source.
By George Theoharis
Friday, 01 April 2011 14:00 

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