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Saturday, February 9, 2013

MOUNT ATHOS: The Monks of Simonopetra Monastery in Mount Athos chanting 13 chants from the Psalms of David in the Holy Bible (VIDEO)

The Psalter has very early considered by the Orthodox Church as the "beginning, middle and end" of all its worship.

The frequent use of the Psalms, by both monastics - who have consecrated their lives to the praise of God - and devout laid-people, transports humanity from this world into an anticipation of eternal life, in communion with all the saints who before it have prayed in this manner.

It was with the aim of giving back to the Psalms of David the place that the Church always reserved for them, that the monks of Simonopetra, through the initiative of their Abbot, Archmandrite Aimilianos, set out to put the Psalter to music, according to the traditional rules of Byzantine chant. This enterprise has led to the publishing of a book numbering over of 600 pages of music manuscript, the "Psalterion Terpnon", of which the present recordings, performed by the Monastery's choir, are an illustration.

Tracks in English: 

01. Come Let Us Rejoice (Psalm 94 - Mode III) [05.00] 
02. O Lord, Our Lord (Psalm 8, Mode IV plagal) [06.35] 
03. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 22, Mode I plagal) [05.45] 
04. O Sing To The Lord A New Song (Psalm 97, Mode I plagal enharmonic) [05.45] 
05. Shout With Jubilation To The Lord (Psalm 65, Mode II plagal) [05.00] 
06. The Lord Has Made Known (Psalm 97, Mode IV plagal) [03.45] 
07. Terirem (Mode IV plagal) [03.15] 
08. Their Sound Hath Gone Forth Into All The Earth (Psalm 18, Mode I) [06.00] 
09. I Will Confess Thee, O Lord (Psalm 137, Mode IV plagal) [04.30] 
10. Blessed Is The Man (Psalm 1, Mode I plagal) [05.45] 
11. How Beloved Are Thy Dwellings (Psalm 148, Mode varis enharmonic [Zo]) [09.13] 
12. Praise The Lord From The Heavens (Psalm 148, Modes I,IV,III,II,I plagal) [05.13] 
13. Terirem (Mode I plagal) [04.00]

Tracks in Greek: 

01. - ΔΕΥΤΕ ΑΓΑΛΛΙΑΣΩΜΕΘΑ (Ψ.94) [05:00
02. - ΚΥΡΙΕ, Ο ΚΥΡΙΟΣ ΗΜΩΝ (Ψ.8) [06:35
03. - ΚΥΡΙΟΣ ΠΟΙΜΑΙΝΕΙ ΜΟΙ (Ψ.22) [05:45
04. - ΑΣΑΤΕ ΤΩ ΚΥΡΙΩ ΑΣΜΑ ΚΑΙΝΟΝ (Ψ.97) [05:45
06. - ΕΓΝΩΡΙΣΕ ΚΥΡΙΟΣ (Ψ.97) [03:45
07. - ΤΕΡΙΡΕΜ (πλ.δ΄) [03:15
08. - ΕΙΣ ΠΑΣΑΝ ΤΗΝ ΓΗΝ (Ψ.18) [06:00
10. - ΜΑΚΑΡΙΟΣ ΑΝΗΡ (Ψ.1) [05:45
12. - ΑΙΝΕΙΤE ΤΟΝ ΚΥΡΙΟΝ (Ψ.148) [05:13
13. - ΤΕΡΙΡΕΜ (πλ.Α΄) [04:00]



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