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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Father Nadaf shows continued support for Netanyahu in 4th term

Father Gabriel Nadaf  

Father Gabriel Nadaf sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulating him on his recent victory in the Israeli elections on Tuesday.

According to Nadaf’s Facebook page, the Christian leader wrote to Netanyahu that “he was confident and sure that the new government that is going to be established with [Netanyahu’s] leadership will continue to support the Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum, lead by Father Gabriel.”

Nadaf also expressed hopes that Netanyahu will work to integrate the Christians into Israeli society in all fields, just as he has in his previous terms, stating that  “ integration of the Christians has a significant role in the Israeli society for true coexistence and for the representation of the beautiful face of Israel around the world.”

Father Nadaf works to promote integration of Christians into Israeli society and has long been an outspoken advocate of national service by Israeli Christians in the IDF. He has often said that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Christians are free from religious persecution.

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On numerous occasions he and Netanyahu have worked together, using Nadaf's position of prominence in the Israeli Christian community to reach out to the minority religious sect. Prior to the election Netanyahu met with Nadaf in order to confirm his support for the Christian community and ensure Nadaf’s support of Likud.

Over the years Netanyahu has also been a big supporter of Nadaf, especially when under critique for his push to have Arab-Christian Israelis enroll in the IDF.

“The Christian youth must be allowed to go into the IDF,” Netanyahu said during a joint conference with Nadaf in 2013. “You are loyal citizens who want to defend the country, and I salute and support you. We will not tolerate threats on you and will work to firmly implement the law against those persecuting you.”



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