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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi intervenes through the Radio and during the Holy Liturgy

The following incident refers to a friendly family of mine, and it took place on the 2nd of July 2009, a day after the blessed repose of Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi.
            A. and her husband were going through some very tough times for the last few years and particularly since last May. It has to do with how her parents in law view her and how they behave towards their own son. In effect they are trying to separate the couple, who already have four kids, one newly-born- through quarrels, slurs, and malicious behaviour with appalling letters full of vile and slurs. They even managed to turn other relatives against the couple. However, being the spiritual children of Elder Efrem of Vatopaidi, the couple does not return the fire but shows patience and perseverance in trying to protect their family.
            Nevertheless, being human, they are suffering. The wife reached the point where she thought that it is all her fault since everybody had turned against her and was desperate. Elder Efrem told her to forget about it and that it is not her fault. However, she cannot get rid of this thought.
            The day after Elder Joseph reposed to the Lord, while she was driving her children to school with her husband’s car, she heard on the radio a faint, husky voice saying quickly: ‘Do not allow Satan enter your house. You must get rid of him. He particularly likes to dissolve marriages and families. What is happening is not your fault. It is Satan who makes you believe it is your fault and gives you a hard time unnecessarily’.  When she returned home she told her husband that she had listened to a wonderful speech by an elder with a faint, husky voice, talking about their specific problem. When the husband got into the car, he listened to an interview which Elder Joseph of Vatopaidi gave to the reporter of the Metropolis of Limassol Radio, Mr Louka Louka. It was a very good interview but it was referring to irrelevant to their problem issues. 
He thought to ask for the CD to listen to it with his wife. They made a copy of Elder Joseph’s interview, broadcasted on the 2nd of July 2009.  The following night he drove to the Machaira monastery to attend an all night vigil. He turned the CD on but at no time did the Elder talk about Satan and the need to drive him out of our homes. The husband thought it was weird. Then he remembered that the radio station broadcasts the Holy Liturgy live from the Holy Monastery of Asomaton Petraki at 7.30am everyday. He confirmed this with those working at the radio station. Indeed, the previous day the radio was broadcasting the Holy Liturgy at 7.30 and not anything with Elder Joseph speaking. What had happened was inconceivable in our logic. Elder Joseph spoke to his wife during the Holy Liturgy!
            This proved without any doubt that Elder Joseph, having found favour in the face of our Lord, intervened miraculously to calm down a devout soul which was unjustly suffering from slanders and slurs.
            This event astounded us very much and proved that not only Elder Joseph had gained favour in the face of the Lord but also the fact that there is life after death and that Our Lord is a Living God. Our Lord is neither a theory nor some man-made fiction. However, we, His creations, doubt Him.
            I mentioned this event to the Abbot of Vatopaidi, Elder Efrem. He was not surprised since he knew very well how his elder lived. The Metropolitan of Limassol Athanasios was also informed and confirmed again that at 7.30 every morning the station broadcasts the Holy Liturgy.
I have received the permission of the couple to reveal this astonishing ‘intervention through the radio waves’ by Elder Joseph, without mentioning their names.



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