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Monday, April 7, 2014

Fatos Klosi, the head of Shik, the Albanian intelligence service: Greek Church, more dangerous than the Albanian Islamist


Former chairman of the National Intelligence Service Fatos Klosi, in a newspaper interview in "Illyria Newspaper" in the U.S., spoke about the problem of Islamic extremism risk . He said the problem now is different than it was in the early 90s .

"Today the problem is much another! Other! The problem today seems to become more massive. More massive and is among the Albanians. And I say, that is far more dangerous situation! For these Albanians indoctrinated in this way, when the return of course" they are dangerous now... ...

Anyway, Klosi says that despite the problem of Islamic extremism is great, the Greek Church interventions are even more serious problem. "Another problem is all! Perhaps the most serious problem that the first intervention in the problems of the Greek Church,inside the Albanian Orthodox Church, but this has not been given due attention. No Service because the service has had this problem, namely chasing. But for me the problem is even more serious. Orthodox Church in general has been very strong support from the Greek government, which has not the Muslim community, which is supported by any state. So, given that the Church is behind Greece, given our problem not spoiled by the Greeks, for they are those who have the right of veto if NATO, or the European Union, Greece was considered, even has dared and said that our road to the European Union passes from Athens, which reminds us that the history of the former Belgrade.

Albanian state for me did not take this problem very seriously and has made many concessions to the Greek Church. More concessions ! Since the acceptance of Janullatos ( His Beatitude Anastasios Janullatos , Archbishop of Tirana , Durres and All Albania. Yrs ) , which normally had the full right not to accept.

There was no hurry to come here a priest, really very knowledgeable, very real, a true intellectual, who organized the Church of Albania. Let's organize a bit more slowly, but as you say, keep the look ... Today is unfortunately part of the Greek Church! All investments made ​​with funds coming from outside, from Greece. Investments are very important and show the money come from.

Whether for large buildings that have made ​​and are making more. If maintaining an institution that is not so small, huh ? We saw Përmet who were able to organize people. Why? Because, I said that Greece is always behind them. It is unfortunate that we are poorer than the Greeks and the nation itself has need immigration in Greece, there are people out there ... There are many factors associated with each other to give the Orthodox Church a position other than the Muslim Community. Is much poorer Muslim community, much divided, so there are groups that have "hand out", because it depends on where the money is Fluke et . Since the cash flows go toward these groups , the Muslim community will remain bad . Albanian state gives little things ended Klosi for the Illiria Newspaper.



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