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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“The True Cross of Jesus Christ is in Hagia Sophia”

“The True Cross of Jesus Christ is in Hagia Sophia” 

Within Hagia Sophia in Constantinople the True Cross of Jesus Christ is hiding until today, the known Turkish journalist of Sabah, Hincal Uluç, said citing years of intensive research and also the well-known Turkish historian, Radi Dikici from Samsun of Pontus. 
According to Dikici, who is noteworthy as one of the leading Turkish Byzantinologists (for those who do not know .. there are such in Turkey), the best in the field of Byzantine studies and has written books on Byzantium and Eastern Roman Empire (as "Bizans İmparatorluğu Tarihi", ie, "History of the Byzantine Empire", "Su Bizim Bizans» , ie, "This is our Byzantium"), the True Cross was brought from St Helena to Constantinople and placed somewhere within the space of the church of Hagia Sophia.

The testimonies, as the Turkish historian supports, said that the Cross was known and obvious until 1024 when the Crusaders took over Constantinople and looted Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries. Then some Byzantine officials with some priests of the church caught up and ripped the Cross so they won't find it and hid it in some secret place inside the Hagia Sophia, because if they took it out, it would be perceived by the conquerors.

Years passed after the destruction of Constantinople by the Crusaders and those who had hidden the Holy Cross either died or disappeared in other parts of the empire, while Constantinople suffered under the Romans. So this big secret was lost through the centuries and the great enigma of the holy crypt of the True Cross remains until today. However, according to the Turkish history and byzantinologists, it lies somewhere within the interior of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. The journalist Sabah, who dealt with this major issue, cites the shocking story of the revelation of the True Cross by Empress Helena with the help, as he stated, of the then architect, engineer and mathematician of Greek origin, Hermogenes, who worked under the divinely inspired commandments of the Empress to bring to light the Cross of our Savior Jesus Christ and for the building in that part of a majestic temple for the Crucifixion of Christ.

The historical information agrees that a large portion of the True Cross was moved by Saint Helen from Jerusalem to Constantinople. Reportedly Saint Helena wished to find the place where the Lord was martyred. Having secured the permission and financial assistance from her son, Constantine the Great, she arrived in Jerusalem in 326 AD, where she was to find the tomb of Christ. Her visions led her to the Temple of Aphrodite, where she found His grave and three Crosses, after demolishing the temple that the pagans built. An inscription was also found, which was hanging on the Cross of Christ, but was loose and it wasn't known which of the three was the Cross of Christ. Then Bishop Makarios of Jerusalem brought the Crosses and deposited sequentially onto a dead woman. The first and the second didn't do anything, but when the third was placed, she immediately rose and stood upright. Thus they found the True Cross.
St Helena made the distinction and placed a silver tray leaving it in Jerusalem, while she moved the third with its nails to Constantinople. As mentioned, Saint Helena, with the very valuable finding, arrived in Constantinople in the year 327.

Her son and Emperor Constantine, the bishops, elders, deacons and all the people greeted the True Cross with reverence and tears of joy. Bishop Makarios made it available for Christian worship. This fact was rescued by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, who lived from 340 to 386 AD and indeed one his Catechisms stated: "I am checked by the Golgotha to which we are all nearby. I'm controlled by the wood of the Cross, which from now has spread". The same fact was also rescued from the historian Socrates (also from that era) and by Theodoret in their Ecclesiastical History.



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