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Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Holy - Church - business" for Greek shipowners

They want to build luxurious hotel units in the church property, using the loss of government revenues. 
Some of the most privileged areas of the Church are on the investment target of Greek ship-owners, who are planning business on land and specifically in the hotel industry, with the money that have saved, by not paying the same taxes as the other Greek citizens.

The Church Property Development Company has undertaken the utilization of the portfolio of the Church, starting with the land property of the Archdiocese of Athens. The first "diamond" is the area of 83 acres, which today houses the church's orphanage in Laimos, Vouliagmeni.

The value of this location, apart from its privileged landscape, is being ejected by its vicinity with Asteras, which is an important incentive for ship-owners and future grand-hotel owners.
According to information of circles within the Church, three known shipping families have shown interest, as writes the newspaper «DEAL news».

The ship-owners projects, for the developing of luxury hotels in that area, will not be stopped by the fact that much of this area is forest. It is estimated that the change in the land-use will be done fast by decrees, not to delay the investments of the representatives of high caste of Greek ship-owners, if eventually acquire the Church's "diamond".

Moreover, it is known, the unity of the Greek governments with the interests of Greek ship-owners. The state provides to Greek ship-owners legal framework to continually increase their profits, either by tens outrageous tax breaks or by a series of measures affecting Greek sailors. Hotel employees should not have great expectations by these investments because they already have become cheap labor due to memorandum measures.

Also, these investments do not mean much for the Greek economy comparing to the foregone revenue of the Greek state; the money that will flow into state coffers will be negligible compared with the profits of the ship-owners - hotel-barons.



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