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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

European child held by a gypsy!

Citizens report: European child held by a gypsy!
On July 9, 2014, in Nafplio (Greece), a Russian tourist Natalia Filippova saw a white European boy sleeping on the knees of an old gipsy beggar women. The boy is about 3 years old, not very much sunburnt, looks like having come to Greece recently. The way he was sleeping was unnatural, most likely he was under the influence of morphine. 
The only thing that has been done was taking a photo of the kid for money. The owner of the near-by shop has said something to the gipsy and in half an hour she was gone. Searching for this gipsy on the next day in that part of the city, where she was first seen, gave no result. The local residents report that the police of this city takes no measures in such cases. The best thing the police can do is to drive the gypsy out from the tourist zone. These same local residents said that they had repeatedly tried to inform the police about such cases, but each time it was useless.

The gypsy was old and very fat, about 60 years old. However, on the same day the child was seen with another gipsy, a younger one.

The local residents also said that the kid was "from the new arrival", since he was not skinny and not sunburnt. It is suggested that he is not Greek. Earlier, that gipsy was not seen with the child; apparently, the child has been just recently bought or leased.

The child was tidy, with glow on cheeks, he had a good weight. He was probably stolen from his parents, and, most likely, he is being searched for.
We appeal to all who care about such cases! Please, repost this message! This kid may be looked for by his relatives, and it is possible that your repost will be seen by his parents.

An official statement was filed to the Nafplio police. The same statement was sent to the Greek Ombudsman, the Greek charitable organization "Child's Smile", several international organizations searching for the lost children.


Unfortunately, without such intervention, the fate of the kid is predestined. Actually, the boy has almost no chance... if he's not looked for, in half a year he will die of the overdose of morphine or something like that... in Greece, as, indeed, around the world, nobody cares for such children. NOBODY!

It is very important that this message is seen by as many people as possible, especially in Europe. Please, help us save the life of the child!

Greece has special laws. According to information from the Greek public charitable organization "Child's smile" dealing with protection of children's rights, they cannot start searching, because the law requires informing the police and, to call the police one needs to tell the information about the place where he was seen, and the time he was seen must be "now", but not 1-2-3 days ago. Please, everyone who is resting at a resorts in Greece, or who lives there, call any tel. number below in case you see the kid:

1056 - hot line
2741032628 – "Child's Smile", Corenso branch
116-000 - Emergency service

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