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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Putin knows exactly who knocked Malaysian Boeing and he told this to Obama


Kiev authorities said that the plane was shot down militias Donbass or Russian forces. This statement was followed a few minutes later (!), After the plane disappeared from radar. It is understood that during that time no one would have had time to get to the scene of the accident and determine the causes of the crash. Kiev promises to provide some compelling evidence (his two versions at once?). But they did not exist. 

But now there are people who have real evidence. And one of these - Vladimir Putin. The fact that Russia has an extremely powerful and perfect structure for the control of land, air and outer space. It's called "System missile warning" (EWS) and allows the Russian military in real time to track almost every flight of a butterfly on most of the Northern Hemisphere, and even more - all over Europe. Operators EWS control route of any aircraft or missiles with precise fixation trajectory from the launch site (takeoff) to the landing point, undermining or fall. 

After the fall of the Boeing Vladimir Putin called Barack Obama and spoke to him that Russia accurately recorded - who, where and what to shoot. And all this he is ready to document ("inventory, protocol-handed took fingerprints"). At the same time Russia is confident that America too has similar data. That is a classic layout, "you know that I know that you know." 

Recall that in 2001 during the exercise Ukrainian air defense units missile system S-200 was shot down by a Russian Tu-154 flying from Tel-Aviv - Novosibirsk ". As a result, 78 people were killed - 66 passengers, most of whom are Israeli citizens, and 12 crew members. Ukraine then unlocks six months and swore: "it's not us," but later, under the pressure of hard facts, forced to recognize the destruction of civilians "by chance." Then Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma threw cynical phrase: "It happens to everyone."  

Compensation to the families of the victims, as well as an official apology from Kiev, and not followed. 

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