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Monday, July 14, 2014

GREECE: Metropolitan of Piraeus against the government for Sunday holiday

Metropolitan of Piraeus against the government for Sunday holiday  

He speaks of "sly" decree, depending on foreign principals - A fierce attack on Samaras and Venizelos

The Metropolitan of Piraeus, Seraphim, on a strict statement, spoke for "unethical, provocative, irreverent and anti-Christian attitude, from the coalition of Samaras and Venizelos, against the mandate of God for the sanctity of the Lord's Day (Sunday)". 

Moreover speaks for "sly" decree, depending on foreign principals and he is directly challenging the supposedly patriotic notions of ND and warns the blue "chair-lovers." 

The entire announcement is as follows:
Now, that the Mask of coalition has fell.
Now, that have been proved the "bosses and subcontractors" of international mandates.
Now that were fully vindicated all those who had seen the lies and defrauding, through the shadows inside the Greek Parliament by the "duo of Success"! Mr. Chatzigaki and Skorda, who now suffer the consequences of their acts, and by their marginalization remind the dictum of Norodom Sihanouk for the behavior by the Khmer Rouge and their bloodthirsty leader Pol Pot in Cambodia:

"I feel like a succulent cherry fruit, which you eat the fragrant flesh and spit the kernel". This is because, while was decided the opening of stores for seven Sundays a year and only for SME Entrepreneurship with stores to 250 m², the wickedly Ministerial decision for the so-called representatives of the Popular-Right party, Mr. Giakoumatos, who implements the supposedly initial pilot for full circumvent of the Sunday holiday, giving entrepreneurship in multinational and department stores and leading inevitably the small and medium sized merchants to extinction and padlock.

As a residual of Piraeus, I want to publicly congratulate our fellow citizen Mr. Vasilis Korkidi, president of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce, for his decision of protest about the above, to resign from the party of New Democracy. Grotesque is the fact, that the party of New Democracy, which ostensibly is imbued with patriotic perception, in practice forgets its ideas and is proved, like today, to be pursuers of the nation.

The unethical, provocative, irreverent and unchristian attitude from coalition of Samaras-Venizelos, against the commandment of God for the sanctity of the Lord's Day (Sunday), is unfortunately a harbinger for the upcoming suffering and repeats the crime of the Turkish-Albanian Kurt Pasha from Berat, who hanged the teacher of the Nation, Equal to the Apostles and saints, Cosmas of Aetolia, who among others was defending the sanctity of Sundays holidays, from the ancestors of the current institutional CFOs, something for which celebrates the former Rabbi of Thessaloniki and current resident of Israel Mr. Mardochaios Frizis. For the doubtful there is a specific link ( where can admire the fundamentalist delusions of Mr. Rabbi, who is successor of those that killed the Great Devout man.

The celebration of a rest day of the week, as required by human nature based on the book of the Old Testament "Genesis" (b,2-3), so Saturday for the Law of PD entered as the "Day of the Lord" in the New Testament with the two basic elements, i.e. stop any kind of work and special worship of God. Instead of Saturday, the Christians celebrate on Sunday (Apokal. a 10) as the first day of the week, during which our Lord came back Of the Sepulcher, he created the Paschal light and sent the Holy Spirit to the apostles. 

Sunday is eminently the "Day of the Lord", recalls the coming Christ as the rising sun, which will come to restores justice and to remove the unbearable hypocrisy. The resurrection of the Lord, says the Holy Augustine, promises to all the eternal day of our Resurrection (Serm 15 de verb apost). Sunday is the ancient feast of Christianity, which is called in the Gospel, as "one of the Sabbaths" (Mt RR1, Mark. Ist2, Prax. K7), in the Apocalypses is called Sunday Day (Apokal. a10).

Witnesses for the celebration of Sundays continue after the New Testament. In the letter of Barnabas is called "the eighth day", and the St Ignatius of Antioch condemns those who rest on Saturday and non-compliant to the universal practice of the Church, in the mid-2nd century.
After the peace of Great Constantine with the Edict of Milan (313), Sunday is fixed under the first law on 7/3/321, as a day of rest, gladness, divine worship and charity, or public holidays Sunday, the "day of the sun"as it was called. The law of Great Constantine «Omnes judices urbanaeque pledes et atrium officia cunctarum venerabili die solis quiescant» was upheld by his successor, Theodosius the Great, with its code VIII 8, 3 and XV 5, 2.

It is indicative of the manifold confusion of the times, that defending the holiday of Sunday, many partisan formations of SYRIZA and KKE, which of course starts from a different premise. But this fact certifies the total dependence of coalition government from internationalist lobby. 

The party of New Democracy proves that it does not learn from the past. The political end of M. Yannakou and C. Kallos not elate today's "chair-lovers". It seems that there is so much commitment and dependence on the international mandate that they cannot hear the voice of logic and debt, and they are trampling with great disrespect the Eternal Law of the Holy God and they assigning the firstborn of their existence, in their frighteningly ephemeral and transient power!

The Metropolitan
+ Seraphim of Piraeus

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