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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Obama snubs MI5, sends CIA to investigate threat of radical Islam in UK

A screenshot of an ISIS recruitment video using Western fighters from YouTube video by الإعلام الجهادي ("Jihadist media") 

As radical Islam spreads through the United Kingdom, US President Barack Obama has sent a special CIA unit to interrogate senior British security experts. The move is seen as a snub of Britain’s MI5 and MI6 intelligence agencies.

Up to 450 radical Islamic men from Great Britain have flocked to the battlefields in Syria and Iraq, joining the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Lahoor Talabani, director of counter terrorism for the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), told Sky News in mid-June. A British Labour MP, Kahlid Mahmood, told the Sun that up to 1,500 UK militants are fighting in Syria. Talabani’s comments echoed those of British Prime Minister David Cameron, who said that 65 people have been arrested in the past 18 months for jihadist activities related to Syria. UK authorities have launched a campaign to encourage Muslim women to inform on relatives they suspect of planning to travel to the war-torn countries where ISIS holds large swaths of land.

Last week, the UK banned a radical group called Need4khilafah for incitement to terrorism. A leading hate preacher for the group, Abu Waleed, was linked to the “brainwashing” of three Welsh jihadists fighting in Iraq and Syria. Two of those young men, 20-year-olds Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana, have appeared in an ISIS recruitment video. Khan trained for holy war by practicing mixed martial arts at a gym in Cardiff, Wales. 

British security forces have been “forced to admit they are struggling to keep track of the estimated 500 Britons who have travelled to the Middle East to fight alongside” ISIS



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