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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Turkey's Erdogan compares Zionist political party in Israel to Hitler


Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has compared Habayit Hayehudi lawmaker Ayelet Shaked to Adolf Hitler and accused Israel of committing "state terror" against the Palestinians. 

The Knesset member earlier this month wrote on Facebook, "Who is the enemy? The Palestinian people. Why? Ask them, they started it." 

In a weekly address to his parliamentary group Tuesday, Erdogan said Shaked's mentality was like Hitler's.
“If these words had been said by a Palestinian, the whole world would have denounced it,” he said.
Erdogan also addressed the latest round of escalation between Israel and Hamas, saying Israel has been guilty of “systematic atrocity and state terror” against the Palestinians since 1948.

Regarding Egypt's proposal for a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, Erdogan lauded the initiative, but said Israel should “immediately lift the illegal embargo on Palestine,” along with outlining the terms of a cease-fire.

He blasted the international community over its "inaction" in the face of Israel's Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, adding that the West has "ignored the Palestinian tragedy since 1948,” and that the U.S. hasn't worked hard enough for a two-state solution.

"Israel continues to terrorize. Moving beyond individual terrorism, it’s now committing state terror," he said.
The Turkish prime minister said he hoped a cease-fire would avoid any more deaths of Palestinian children, describing these as “the dirty politics of the Middle East.
"No country in the world, except Turkey, can stand against Israel’s attacks and urge it to stop. I recall, once again, that those who commit brutalities will sooner or later pay the price,” he said. 

Turning to Israelis, he said that Israel will never see peace and stability if continues "these policies."
“They say, ‘Hamas is rocketing as well.’ Yes, but there are no casualties. You killed 200 Palestinians. The Israeli people will never be in security and prosperity if they continue these policies," Hurriyet cited him as saying. 

Israel and Turkey have been trying to patch up their relationship since Turkey downgraded its ties in September 2011, following the deadly Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla, in which nine Turks were killed.

Erdogan said there will be no normalization of ties between Israel and Turkey if Israel continues "to kill innocent children and continue its operations in Gaza."

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