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Monday, January 26, 2015

Greece elections: David Cameron warns of greater economic uncertainty across Europe - Russell Brand says he'd vote for Syriza


David Cameron has warned that the victory of a radical anti-austerity party in the Greek elections will “increase economic uncertainty across Europe”, as British left-wingers celebrated.

Some claim the election result, which saw Alexis Tsipras's Syriza party sweep the ruling centre-right New Democracy party from power, will plunge the euro into a fresh crisis. He has promised to renegotiate the terms of Greece's £179bn international bailout deal to strip out clauses requiring the Government implements policies of austerity.
In a message on Twitter, the Prime Minister said: “The Greek election will increase economic uncertainty across Europe. That's why the UK must stick to our plan, delivering security at home.”

However Peter Hain, the shadow Welsh Secretary, said it was a “fantastic Syriza win”.
“Austerity does not work for Greece, for Tory/Lib Dem UK, nor for EU; we all need investment in growth not savage cuts,” he said.

And Caroline Lucas, the Green MP, tweeted that “hope has won” and said she was “inspired by huge vote for Syriza”.

“Now the EU must listen to people and economists and respond with debt forgiveness [for Greece] and support,” she added.

French President Francois Hollande congratulated Mr Tsipras and expressed his “desire to pursue the close cooperation between our two countries in service of growth and the stability of the euro zone, in a spirit of progress, solidarity and responsibility that is at the heart of the European values we share”.

Celebrities also waded in to the debate.
Comedian Russell Brand ‏said he would abandon his decision not to vote if there was a similar party in the UK.
“I would vote for Syriza. This is exciting,” he said.

And singer-songwriter Bill Bragg tweeted: “Yes! Syriza declare the ‘vicious cycle of austerity is over’ #anotherworldispossible.”

Actor and comedian Hugh Laurie also congratulated Greece’s new rulers.

“Bravo Syriza! Must feel like they've just won a giant edition of Storage Wars [an American reality TV show a bit like Bargain Hunt], but let's hope those boxes are full of good stuff,” he tweeted.

He ended the message with “Καλή τύχη!”, which means good luck.



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