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Monday, July 7, 2014

Syria: 6.6 million children are in need of help

 Syria: 6.6 million children are in need of help 

Approximately 6.6 million children are victims of the crisis in Syria and are in need of help, as announced yesterday by Unicef, which fears that a lack of resources will force reduction of their assistance.
"It's a scary number that is growing very, very quickly" warned a spokesman for the organization, Simon Ingram, during a press conference from Geneva. 

"The numbers of July 2014 show an increase of two million compared with June 2013" he added. Of these 5.1 million children live in Syria and 1.49 million are refugees, according to Unicef. Furthermore, the organization has only received 37% of $ 770 million, which it sought to provide assistance to children in need, as denounced by Ingram. With the onset of summer and particularly elevated temperatures in the region, Unicef is very concerned because of the lack of resources for programs relating to water supply and sanitation. "For example, in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, there is a high risk that water supply services and sanitation will be discontinued due to lack of funding" while the risk of spreading diseases transmitted through water, such as polio, is increased, according to the spokesman.

On Thursday, the UN released a report stating that the number of refugees in Lebanon is expected to reach 1.5 million people in late 2014, more than a third of the country's population. "It's like the entire population of Romania's 19 million people to migrate to Britain or France with a population of 63 million inhabitants and 67 respectively" the Minister explained.
Lebanon, a country of four million inhabitants, has received the largest number of refugees in the region, who currently reach 1.1 million. "The proportion of the Syrians exceeds 35% because we also compute unregistered refugees, while in Turkey they are just 1.2% of the population, in Iraq 1.4% and 18.5% in Jordan" he underlined.

He added that public primary and secondary education in Lebanon now consists of 88,000 children from Syria over 85,000 children from Lebanon itself or other countries. Moreover, in a large hospital in Beirut in May "80 births were recorded from Syrians, while only 40 from Lebanese". In order to limit the influx of immigrants from Syria, he reiterated his call to set up a camp on the border between the two countries and not in Lebanese territory. According to the World Bank, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon cost $ 4.5 billion a year.



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