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Friday, July 4, 2014

Ukraine is flooded by American advisors and mercenaries

Kremlin: Ukraine is flooded by American advisors and mercenaries 
The U.S. Intelligence set the policy of Kiev
The political agenda that follows Kiev is determined by the U.S. Intelligence and the security institutions of the U.S., said the deputy secretary of the Security Council of Russia Yevgeny Lukyanov. The statement was made the day after of another "operational" meeting on the developments in Ukraine, under the top security body of the country, whose work is chaired by Vladimir Putin.

The policy of the new leadership of Kiev is far from being independent, is essentially formed by the representatives of Washington and the executives of the security services. "They only speak about the Americans mercenaries. We can confidently talk about active activity in Ukrainian territory of specialists and consultants from the U.S. security services, who determine the strategic line, in which are strictly based the decisions taken by the leadership of Ukraine", said Lukyanov.

Recalling the recent statement of the Russian President, Mr. Lukyanov added that "similar counselors were literally flooded the post-Soviet Russia, in particular they were advising Anatoly Chubais during the privatization of the 1990s and they were all representatives of the CIA. We everyone saw with our own eyes, what exactly they had advised of."
According E. Lukyanov, the ultimate goal of so-called "euromaidan", i.e. the pro-Western movement, which became a tool of developments in the country, is to expand the influence of NATO to the east; this is why the exercises of the Russian army near the border with Ukraine "is a perfectly reasonable reaction."

The senior Kremlin official also noted that Americans and other mercenaries of the Greystone Company, which has concluded a contract, are militarily trained, unlike most residents of eastern Ukraine, who took the guns to defend the land and their homes. 



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