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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Adam and Eve story from Ugarit - story of Adam and Eve from the 13th century BC

In Ugaritic tablets is a variant found in the story of Adam and Eve from the thirteenth century BC


That this story is older than the version in the book of Genesis, was well known, but there was never an older example found. Of the stories in Genesis are believed to be no older than a thousand years before Christ.

Oegaritisch is a language related to Hebrew and ever spoken in Canaan, in the west of modern Syria. The myth in cuneiform spoke about a deity, Adam, who fights with an evil god (ie the Devil). Who disguises himself as a snake that poisons the Tree of Life. Unfortunately, Adam puts it off, because the snake's fangs puts into his flesh. So Adam is a mortal being. Fortunately, the sun goddess humanity offers a consolation prize to: through natural reproduction, they will still live forever as a species. To achieve this, the sun goddess to give Adam a "benign woman."

 Discoverers of the story, the Old Testament scholar Marjo Korpel of the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam and John Moor, emeritus professor at the same institution. The two make their discovery known in their recently published book Adam, Eve and the Devil.
 In the past, by biblical scholars always assumed that there must have existed that has formed the backdrop for a number of Bible passages. A Fable of Adam The myth was just never found. Based on a new interpretation of some Ugaritic texts Korpel and De Moor this myth now able to reconstruct.

 The discovery is part of a recent trend in the historical study of the Bible. The ancient cultures of the Middle East, Egypt, Mesopotamia and ancient Israel, are increasingly seen as a coherent complex, where the Old Testament stories belong.

Marjo Korpel & Johannes de Moor, Adam, Eve, and the Devil: A New Beginning (Hebrew Bible Monographs, 65), Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press 2014, ISBN 978-1-909697-52-2.



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