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Friday, September 5, 2014

A new scandal is shaking the Serbian Church - Bishop Filaret does not recognize Serbian Orthodox Church


Bishop of Milesevo Diocese, Filaret, said that he does not recognize Serbian Orthodox Church  “because it has changed a lot and is not what it used to be”. Filaret said this two days ago in the village of Premcani near Pljevlje, where he participated in the celebration of the monastery Dovolja.

He also put German Chancellor Angela Merkel in an offensive context, insulted a prominent official of the EU Catherine Ashton and criticized the policy of Podgorica and Belgrade toward Brussels, Moscow and Ankara.

Bishop of Milesevo Diocese, despite public criticism against the church he belongs to, does not intend to leave Serbian Church and to “betray his church and people”, but he urged those gathered to listen to him, “the baddest and worst bishop” of Serbian Church.

Filaret criticized the Prime Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro, Aleksandar Vucic and Milo Djukanovic, because they participated in the conference dedicated to the Western Balkans organized on August 28 in Berlin by the Government of Germany, whose host was Chancellor Angela Merkel, and participant High EU Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton.

He believes that Montenegro and Serbia are “not going in the right direction” because officials only talk about the EU, while “people keeps getting poorer because of the EU”.
“You are no people, we are no nation, if we are waiting for someone from Europe to bring us a dish of soup,” he said.
He criticized sanctions against Russia and those who imposed them called “miseries”. He urged Serbian and Montenegrin officials, “whose mouth are full of EU to sometimes mention Russia”.

“Tell us something about Russia sometimes, nothing will happen to you. Say Balkan and some other word. You haven’t become so dumb that you do not know any more words to pronounce except the EU,” said Filaret.

Serbian Orthodox Church Bishop said that Turkey, “which is re-entering through the front door” to this area, “is not a friend of Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbian people”, and he said what should be the policy toward Kosovo. As he said, “the policy of birth” could bring Kosovo back under the leadership of Serbia in 20 years, without a single bullet fired.

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