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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New details of attack on a Christian family in Islamabad revealed

Photo: AP 

In connection with the newly revealed circumstances regarding the attack by three militant islamists on a Christian family in Islamabad, Pakistani police have addressed the media with new statements, reports the Linga portal.

Last week, in suburbs of the capital of Pakistan three men were detained on suspicion of unlawful entry to the dwelling of a Christian family in that city, where the culprits forced the inhabitants under torture to accept Islam. According to preliminary information, one of those detained is a member of an extremist islamist group.
The investigation of this incident has revealed his connection with another high-profile case: the killing of 58-year-old Christian man Buta Masih in the gold market in Karachi.
Then three men, whose names at the present time appear in several criminal proceedings, cut the throat of the elderly man, who, in their opinion, had offended the Muslim prophet. The death of Buta Masih became a catastrophe for his family: his five children lost their only breadwinner. Meanwhile, the relatives of the murder victim fear other acts of violence against them and rarely go out of their home.

The demonstration in Peshawar. Photo: AFP  
The demonstration in Peshawar. Photo: AFP
     These episodes are a continuation of a series of acts of terrorism aimed against Christians of Pakistan, which have become more frequent over the last two months. According to materials of Associated Press, the Taliban movement, which took responsibility for the explosion killing 100 Christians in September of this year, has announced its intention to continue killing representatives of the country's religious minorities until the American authorities "stop their drone attacks in the Middle East".



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