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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Egyptian Christians hate Obama

Cairo, Egypt—For years various American administrations used Egyptian Christians—Orthodox Copts—to put pressure on Egyptian governments pushing for policies or to get them to refrain from doing something which the U.S. considered against their interests.

With the advent of Obama, everyone knew his administration was supporting radical extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood and fanatic rebels in Syria and Libya. Copts knew that they were only a pawn in the eyes of previous administrations, who didn’t really care about them except to the extent of what may have fit their interests. The Egyptian Christians are certain that Obama himself is one of the main reasons for what is happening to them now;  the killings, burning of churches, and displacement from their homes and villages at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama offers the Brotherhood both money and protection, using U.S. intelligence agencies with plans to restore them to power.

In a tough reaction to Obama’s policy, Dr. Naguib Gabriel, head of the Egyptian Human Rights organization and a senior Egyptian Christian, said that the Egyptian Human Rights will gather signatures from Christian Egyptians and a number of international organizations in the “peaceful coexistence conference” which will be held by Ovid, a French organization, to provide a memorandum to the international Criminal Court, accusing U.S. President Obama of crimes against humanity by helping and indirectly participating in the demolition of 102 Coptic facilities and the burning of ancient churches carrying the heritage of the Christian world, as well as causing the displacement of 150 Coptic families, and the slaughter of dozens of Christians.

Gabriel explained that these accusations are being made because Obama is funding the Muslim Brotherhood with 5 to 8 billion dollars, which the Muslim Brotherhood used to purchase arms and to pay criminals to kill Christians and torch churches, all the while falsely claiming that Copts are the ones who started the June 30 revolution that toppled the rule of Morsi and caused the imprisonment of their leaders and the ban of their party and group.

A number of Coptic organizations announced that Christians in Egypt stand against the policies of the United States and the European Union and their calls for the protection of minority Christian and their churches, saying: “We do not need America or Europe, we need our brothers in the homeland of moderate Muslims”.
Another statement comes from the Conference—Egypt’s Copts are challenging America and the European Union”—Coptic activists declared that the Brotherhood exercised the worst kind of violence, tormented children, slaughtered police officers, burnt churches and mosques in order to rule Egypt or destroy it. When Egyptians confronted them, the Brotherhood tried to portray to the outside world that they are victims, even as they commit the largest massacres. The Brotherhood were able to buy space on the Western media, while U.S. led the largest campaign against Egypt and instructed some countries to announce that what happened in Egypt is a military coup.
As a result – the statement read, EU countries banned arms to Egypt and America and Europe wanted to cut off aid to Egypt, and the weird thing is that countries like Germany and France were weeping on Coptic church doorsteps, knowing full well that those who torched them are the Brotherhood in a bid to make it appear that they support the Christian minority in Egypt.
The statement pointed out that Christians are fully aware that the attempts by some Western countries to interfere in Egypt, claiming the protection of Christian minorities, is just a cover for political and military interference in Egypt.
The conference asked the World Council of Churches and Pope Francis to play a growing role to expose ongoing terrorism.
Nagy William, Chairman of the Coptic newspaper Celebrity, wrote that it is very strange that America and the European Union, who revolt against the burning of one church in in Mubarak’s regime, have remained silent after the burning of nearly 102 churches by the brotherhood, while Kuwait donated resources for renovating churches, and Gen. Sisi agreed to rebuild the destroyed churches for free.

The evangelical pastor Refat Fekry, said he was surprised how Obama, who suffered from discrimination because of his color, now supports a group discriminating against women and Coptics, who consider them second class humans. For Obama his interests prevail over principles, and we Christians reject his intervention.
Coptic Christians in the United States wrote in the Washington Times a message to Obama, his administration, members of Congress and the American people, which included an explanation of the Egyptian revolution of June 30 and the following events, demanding a halt of U.S. support for the Brotherhood and to stop the pressure imposed by the Obama administration on Egypt and the constant threat to cut off or suspend U.S. aid, stressing that the revolution of June 30 was a popular revolution,  not a coup.
The message said that Egyptians and Americans are fighting against the same enemy which is terrorism in the name of religion. Our one goal is to achieve peace in Egypt and the whole world.

The message went on to state that the Muslim Brotherhood works to divide Egypt by hatred and prejudice; that the goal was to transform Egypt into a tiny, radical Islamic state as a start of their global caliphate. We should not forget the lesson of September 11, 2001.  The stability of Egypt would contribute to the security and stability of the entire Middle East region, and will serve the interests of both Egypt and the U.S.



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