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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Children With Special Needs To Decorate Thessaloniki Christmas

A Christmas tree different from the rest, decorated with love and the smiles of children with special needs is apparently going to be put up on November 30th at the "Fix in art" performing arts venue in Thessaloniki.

At the event, titled "Help me climb the stairs with you", children with Down's syndrome are going to be photographed and these photos will be printed right away and hung on the tree as decorations. Apart from fun-filled events and entertainment, this celebration will also feature traditional dances, a fencing show, cooking, a nutrition lecture for children and handmade crafts. Everthing will be sold in a bazaar and the earnings will be donated to the Down Syndrome Association's reinforcement. Those interested in donating objects to the charity bazaar can communicate with the performing arts venue, calling at 2310-500034, the Down Syndrome Association at 2310-925000 or the responsible for the programme, Vassiliki Papadopoulou at 6945704148. Read more at



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