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Monday, November 25, 2013

Famous Greek singer Despina Vandi left a show because of Golden Dawn

 Famous singer Notis Sfakianakis caused violent reactions with his statements in support of Golden Dawn. "You have to support Golden Dawn" he threw the bomb, as has recently happened in various public appearances, but this time his words caused unexpected consequences.

Despina Vandi, who had agreed to sing with him at the Enastron nightclub on 7 December, wrote in her personal Facebook profile that she would withdraw.
Notis Sfakianakis made his statement on Thursday evening during the awarding of a platinum disk at the Athinais centre. After saying good words for Golden Dawn and the period of the junta, he made a sharp attack on Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos.

In another appearance on Antenna TV, attacking politicians Sfakianakis said: "I am a political being and have a public word, and I constantly think about politics because I am a citizen, not a customer. And unlike you, I do not appreciate any of these dirty dogs who govern us, because I have not given them power. I have the right to express my opinion because I don’t owe anybody anything. These employees of mine owe me a lot."
Continuing, he defended Golden Dawn and attacked Venizelos: "Of course, Golden Dawn are not fascists. But they have arrested a person who is the leader of a political party. You have no right! Who gives you that right, Evangelos, you constitutional pig?"


"You have to support Golden Dawn, because it, if nothing else, incorporates the dawn. Others have only darkness. I have been asked why I do not go into politics. Because I have not learned to go down, I can only climb up," said the singer.

Later, he attacked politicians again.
"Singers evade taxes? But are you kidding me? Wasn’t Papantoniou Finance Minister and evaded taxes? Wasn’t Papaconstantinou Finance Minister? Wasn’t Simitis Prime Minister of this country? Are you crazy? What are you talking about? You believe monsters who talk to you so that you could not think about what is happening. The Finance Minister evades taxes. Tell them to go and… "


The first who attacked Sfakianakis was SYRIZA MP Petros Tatsopoulos who, in a posting in his personal profile on Facebook, defined him directly as fascist.

The posting further reads:
"I guess it is not going unnoticed that in the last two months, after the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, “Golden throats” who flirt with “Golden idiots” have been hiding in their holes. Therefore, what is sinister in the new statements of Notis Sfakianakis who expresses his support for George Papadopoulos and Golden Dawn, is not the fact that he has admitted for the first time so openly that he is fascist – we have never had doubts about this at all. What is ominous is the fact that fascists like him, after the murder of Golden Dawn members in Neo Iraklio, consider Golden Dawn sufficiently "clear," so that they could show their noses out of the sewer again."

Afterwards, Despina Vandi, with a posting on Facebook, announced her withdrawal from performances at the Enastron club, pointedly noting "My parents were immigrants."

Her statement also reads:
"I met Notis for the first time 16 years ago. Since then, I have realized that he is a peculiar person, no matter how this may sound, and a special artist; extreme in his values and beliefs. Every person has the right to express their opinion and defend it in a democratic society.
I have not agreed with what he had said on many occasions. Sometimes I have agreed, no matter how extremist he has been in his speech (yet, this is Notis). Despite our different views on relationships, life and democracy, I thought that we could work together on the stage. At this moment, I feel that the things that divide us are more than those that unite us. I am sorry to withdraw.
And one last thing ... My parents were immigrants. That is all."



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