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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Orthodox activists sabotage play in Russia

Photo from user @cheparukhin 
MOSCOW, -- A group of ultraconservative activists sabotaged a theater performance in Moscow by yelling at the audience to fear God.
The incident happened during a performance of Konstantin Bogomolov's "An Ideal Husband" at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Thursday night.

Activist Dmitry Enteo, 24, and a woman got on stage and began preaching before they were pulled off by guards. Police said they detained two people on hooliganism charges after the incident, but did not elaborate.
Enteo told RIA Novosti that "An Ideal Husband" violates a recently enacted Russian law that punishes those who offend the feelings of religious people.

The Russian Orthodox Church has criticized Enteo and his radical Orthodox Christian supporters, who have also targeted erotica exhibits, Pastafarians -- practitioners of an ironic, light-hearted religion -- and supporters of feminist punk group Pussy Riot.

 Actor Alexei Kravchenko as Minister Robert Ternov in a scene from "An Ideal Husband. A Comedy" at the Moscow Chekhov Art Theater.(RIA Novosti / Sergey Pyatakov) 

The second act of the provocative play An Ideal Husband staged at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater by controversial Russian director, Konstantin Bogomolov, ends with a scene of a scantily clad woman rising above the stage with her arms spread, as “Dorian Gray” passionately dances with an apparently homosexual “priest-turned-Mephistopheles.” The priest then kneels and prays at the soaring woman.

Then, seemingly in line with this cacophony of images, several people calling themselves Orthodox Christian “activists” took to the stage and shouted out their condemnation of the play. They said the episode, as well as other provocative scenes, blatantly mocks the crucifix and Jesus Christ himself.

A message posted on the official Facebook page of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater soon after the incident made it clear the action was an “attempt to disrupt the play.”
“At the end of the second act, the infamous provocateur Enteo came on stage with a support team. They shouted: “How can you tolerate the mockery of our faith? Why do you hate Christ so much, while he was crucified for us,” the message quoted the “activists” as saying, identifying the group’s leader as Dmitriy ‘Enteo’ Tsorionov.



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