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Friday, March 14, 2014

Pope is worried about the Christians of Turkey. Greece?

Pope is worried about the Christians of Turkey. Greece? 

The Pope expressed his concern for the future of Christians in Turkey, as he learned that Turks released five murderers of Christians, who threaten with new attacks. And while the issue grows in Turkish press, so far the Phanari and Greece haven't taken a position on the matter.
The Italian newspaper LaStampa hosted Pope Francis, who is concerned about the fate of the 150,000 Christians in Turkey, after the news of the release of the murderers who shocked the public opinion in 2007. The subject contains Turkish publications and writes that the issues is dangerous for the Christians of Turkey. Hereafter new persecutions and terrorism against any Christian activity and events with Christian identity will be faced by the Turkish authorities, it adds.


The history of aggression against Christians
The five killers of 18 April 2007 had invaded the Christian publishing house in the city of Malatya, the "Zivre Yayınevi", southeast of Ankara, and murdered in cold blood a German national and three Turkish Christians of Western doctrine. The publishing house edited books of general Christian content without distinguishing between faiths and therefore had customers from the Orthodox Christian community in Turkey.

Although the authorities had argued then that would impose many years imprisonment for those found guilty, seven years later they released them. As the murderers left prison, as reported by the Turkish News Agency, they stated boldly that henceforth Christians of Turkey should not ... sleep peacefully.

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The Christians of Turkey
The Turkish inspection, Aksyon, has made known in 2005 that they were about... 8000000 Gospels, (İncil), throughout Turkey. In a recent mission in Ankara, which was broadcasted by the Turkish TV, while giving Gospels to Turks who waited in line to receive them, a local Islamic religious organization appeared and began distributing Quran dissolving forcibly those who wanted gospels.


Why doesn't the Greek government dare to disturb the Turks?



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