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Saturday, March 8, 2014

She stole $11 billion from Ukraine.....A portrait of Ukraine's 'saviour'

Yulia Tymoshenko - she stole $11 billions from Ukraine. They put her in jail.
Now she is a candidate with the Nazis again.

Nobody who meets Yulia Tymoshenko forgets the moment. The billionaire Ukrainian politician’s charm is formidable. In a political landscape studded with novices and thugs, she stands out.  

Her angelic beauty and two-year detention in jail has attracted worldwide sympathy.
But the prospect of her political comeback makes me fear for the future of the increasingly unstable and volatile Ukraine. 

Mrs Tymoshenko’s immaculate blonde tresses and sometimes kittenish ways have led many macho politicians in the Ukraine — and abroad — to underestimate her. The truth is that her determination is terrifying. Nobody and nothing gets in her way.
When she needs to, she is prepared to use her undeniable sexual magnetism.

I have interviewed her many times. Her body language, eyes, coquettish tosses of the head and cooing tones are almost hypnotic. But she is also capable of explosive anger. I have seen her shriek and curse in terrifying eruptions of rage: the kitten turns into a tigress.
Many foreign leaders have been smitten by her. Georgia’s mercurial former President Mikheil Saakashvili was said to have been charmed by her during a helicopter ride which attracted lurid speculation.

She has even brought a smile to Vladimir Putin’s stony countenance. He once praised her as someone he could do business with. 

She was close to the billionaire businessman and political adviser Boris Berezovsky, the lisping Machiavelli of the Kremlin who sought refuge in London when he fell out with the Putin regime. ‘Yulia Tymoshenko is the only politician in all Ukraine who understands democracy,’ he told me. 

I was unconvinced, though. I had seen at first-hand her approach to politics.

Nobody would doubt her ability to campaign. Having become a billionaire in the energy industry, she can afford the best spin doctors and ‘imidzhmeker’ or image-makers.
And she is a stunning orator.

While giving stump speeches amid widespread (and all too justified) cynicism about politicians, she would open with a dramatic stunt. Falling to her knees and stretching her arms out to her audience, she would declaim: ‘Forgive us! People of Ukraine, forgive us!’



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