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Friday, May 2, 2014

Russian Orthodox Church: There is a Genocide Of Christians Happening Now, Russia Is The Only Nation Defending Persecuted Christians


The Russian Orthodox Church has affirmed that Russia is the only nation in the world defending persecuted Christians. Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk made this affirmation:

Christian communities are being exposed to genuine genocide… Western countries, which were helping Christians in the region for centuries, have denied them support and almost officially recommended them to leave the region and move to other countries… I was told this by, for example, Maronites [members of one of the Syriac Eastern Catholic Churches] who have been living in Syria and Lebanon for centuries. They were disappointed by France, which had been traditionally supporting them but is refusing to defend them now. Our country has remained the sole defender of the Christian presence in the region. Many Christians remaining in flashpoints are relying on [Russia]
He even said that there is actual genocide taking place, and that the Russian Church is constantly receiving reports on what torments and oppression the Christians of the East are enduring on a daily basis:
Christian communities in some countries are being exposed to genuine genocide… [The Russian Orthodox Church] on a regular basis receives reports on the destruction and desecration of Christian churches, kidnapping of clerics, beheading of Christians, mass graves of killed Christians being found, exiles of Christian families from their homes …, shelling of Christian residential areas
He furthermore stated that some Western nations are even adding to the violent divisions occurring in Syria, and that even Christians are ignoring the plight of their brethren:
International institutions do not react to violations of rights of the Syrian civil population, including Christians. I would even say that actions and statements of representatives of some Western powers rather contribute to further polarization of society
God bless the Russian Church. While Russia is the only nation assisting the Christians in the East, Rescue Christians, right now, is the only organization in the world conducting actual rescue missions for persecuted Christians in Pakistan, Syria and Iraq. We have rescued thousands, and you can take part in this holy mission today.



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