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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bizarre mutant critter with tentacle-like arms caught by shocked fisherman

A shocked fisherman in Singapore is convinced he made have found an alien after he made an interesting and rather creepy discovery while fishing at his favourite spot on the island of Sentosa

  • A bizarre mutant creature has been found by a Singapore fisherman 
  • Ong Han Boon, 54, didn't know what it was so posted it online
  • 'I thought it was some kind of alien or mutant,' he said
  • The unusual find is in fact a 'Basket Star' according to a Sydney marine biologist 

It's a creature like never, well according to one fisherman, seen before! So what it is?
A shocked fisherman in Singapore is convinced he made have found an alien after he made an interesting and rather creepy discovery while fishing at his favourite spot on the island of Sentosa.
Ong Han Boon, 54, was left scratching his head when he hauled up a strange creature from the water with moving tentacle like arms, something like a mutant octopus.
He captured the bizzare find on video and as curiosity got the better of him decided to post it online to see if anyone, or his friends could add a little insight into what the creature was.

'I've had quite a few odd things come out of the ocean, but I have never seen anything like this before in my life. It had all these arms waving around.'
'I thought it looked like some kind of alien or mutant.' 

'So, if no one can't identify it then I guess I’m right - it’s either an alien or I’ve discovered a new species of mutant sea creature,' he told.
But it seems this creature is actually a known species.
Sydney marine biologist Dr. Will Figueira says it is in fact a 'Basket Star'. 
'They are in the same group as starfish and are most closely related to brittle stars,' he said.
'They use all those tentacles to move around and hunt for prey.'
'The group as a whole is famous for having some species which live in the deep ocean but many species are also commonly found as shallow as 30 - 50 metres.'



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