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Monday, October 20, 2014

ISIS Crucifies 17-Year-Old Boy in Raqqa, Syria

Raqqa Syria  

The atrocities committed by ISIS are increasingly brutal, as an image of a crucified 17-year-old boy made its way around social media.

The Islamic State militants strapped the teen boy to a cross in Raqqa, Syria, their de facto capital, for allegedly taking photos of the group's headquarters.

The boy had allegedly been seen receiving 500 Turkish lira for every photo he had taken, and his punishment was three days of crucifixion.
A white sign hung around his neck read the allegation as well as accused him of "apostasy" -- the abandonment of his religion.
The image was shared by an anti-ISIS group, which is trying to expose the world to the cruelty being suffered in Raqqa. They call themselves Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently.
Many of the heartbreaking photos shared on their social media sites and webpage show the images of devastation.

The picture of the teen has been shared by supporters of the group, while ISIS supporters have also taken to sharing the image and touting the work of the militants.

But this isn't the first time ISIS has crucified someone. The ancient method of punishment is used by the extremists to punish what they deem crimes, based on their interpretation of Verse 33 of the fifth book of the Koran.

The verse prescribes crucifixion as one of three punishments to use against someone who "wages war" against Allah or his messenger -- the latter of which ISIS undoubtedly sees itself as.

The next passage from that section does say, though, that anyone asking for forgiveness or repents their actions should be forgiven.

And ISIS doesn't balk at punishing their own. Recent reports revealed that two militants were beheaded for spying on behalf of the Syrian government.

Blood continues to spill in Raqqa, and the central square has been turned into an imitation of historical public shaming and punishment squares -- severed heads are often seen on spikes displayed in the square, and crosses remain standing in anticipation of executions.



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