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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Former Polish President: Give us nuclear missiles and we will turn it to Moscow

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“Putin is irresponsible and wants to sow chaos in Poland, as it did in Ukraine. That is why we want NATO to provide us with the best available missile to put them here and direct them in the right direction,” – said the leader of “Solidarity” Lech Walesa in an interview with Marko Bordatsi, a journalist in the Italian newspaper La Stampa, in his office in Gdansk.

“If one day they invaded in Gdansk, we will attack Russia,” – said in an interview Polish politician.
“We love Russia, but it should stop acting so powerfully. We need Russia, but Russia – civilized. But they always need an enemy for purely domestic reasons, activist said. But they made a mistake.”

“They did not think that Ukraine will face such resistance. They chose too powerful enemy, and now do not know how to get out of it” – noted in the interview to the Italian edition Walesa. “I’ve said it 25 years ago, I was convinced that Russia will incite aggressive minorities in all countries of Eastern Europe – said the politician. 

The reform requires much time, they could take advantage of these minorities to be able to wave of discontent to win elections and thus join those countries. 

 Lech Walesa

They could restore the Soviet Union, but now they choose the tanks, and this is a mistake, “- said with regret Walesa.

As regards то the role of the USA in the Ukrainian crisis, former Polish president said that “they will have to organize peace between Russia and Ukraine.” 

“They should not promote war, but help us то find solutions. And to oblige us and the Ukraine with соме rockets” – Walesa said in an interview with the Italian journalist.




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