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Friday, October 24, 2014

The perpetrator of the attack in Canada was recently converted to Islam?

The perpetrator of the attack in Canada was recently converted to Islam?  

The Canadian Police investigation focus on Michelle Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, who is placed as key suspect for the shooting at the federal parliament of Canada and the fatal shooting of a soldier at the Monument to the Fallen in the center of Ottawa, he said a security source - a photo of a man who is suspected of the attack, posted on the web. 
Two American officials said that the United States have been informed that the perpetrator, who was killed by police gunfire, is a Canadian citizen who has embraced Islam, while ago, reports the British newspapers.
One of the American officials stated that the suspect hails from the region of Quebec.

Although there is no official announcement, according to information, is seriously considered the possibility that the attack is linked to the jihadists of the Islamic State, and the rumors circulating online, are multiplying.

Police in Ottawa, lifted the lockdown Wednesday night and said there was no longer a danger to the public.


"The ongoing police investigation at the core of the city center concluded that there is no longer a threat to public security in the region," said the notice of the police. "However, the police operation continues at the parliament building and therefore continues to be blocked for the public" completes the statement of the police.

Earlier in the center of the capital of Canada, heavily armed men of the special forces of police blockaded the area around Parliament and warned people to stay inside their homes or offices and to stay away from windows.

The city center was blocked completely shortly after 10:00 am (17:00 GMT) Wednesday (22/10/2014), when at least one man who according to witnesses was holding a hunting rifle, shot a soldier, the 24 year old Jason Kiril, guard the Monument of the Fallen.

A journalist of the French Press Agency reported that the soldier who received the shots was seriously injured, while the paramedics who rushed to the spot with the ambulances did CPR. The injured soldier was finally removed by ambulance, but some time later the hospital in Ottawa - where hospitalized another two wounded (among them a guard of the nearby parliament buildings) at steady state - informed that the unfortunate soldier died from his injuries.

According to witnesses, perpetrators (?) originally shot the soldier and then, at gunpoint, seized a government vehicle in order to reach the gates of parliament. Note that in the yard of the federal parliament only allowed the patrol cars and cars with license.

Immediately after, the gunmen rushed into the main building, where the deputies and senators were meeting, as the government was preparing to propose a new anti-terrorism law within the day. A powerful explosion was heard, followed by police gunfire as showing in a video taken by the mobile phone of the journalist who was inside the building.

The country's media, have describe as "Hero for his sacrifice" the Sergeant Kevin Vickers (former member of the police), who believed that killed an armed man in Parliament while parliamentarians who experienced terror, state that "he kept us safe." It was the first time he used his gun ... "Let there be no misunderstanding: We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated." said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in his proclamation addressed to the citizens of the country, adding that the security agencies will do what it takes to deal with threats against the country.

"This will lead us to strengthen our resolve and redouble our efforts - and the efforts of our national security agencies - to take all necessary steps to identify the perpetrators and address threats, in order to maintain safety within Canada", he said.

The President of the United States of America offered the help of American authorities in Canada, while the representative of the Presidency of the USA, Josh Earnest, said Barack Obama spoke by phone with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He added that Americans think and pray for the Canadian people, stressing that the US-Canada relationship is close and strong. Meanwhile, speaking to reporters, Ernest noted that many American government officials contacted Canadian counterparts, making clear that Washington is still not able to assess whether the attacks are an act of terrorism.

Speaking to reporters, however, in the White House, Obama called the attack "a tragedy," noting that it "reinforced the need for vigilance." The head of the American state also stressed that it is important for Canada and the United States to coordinate their actions when faced with terrorist activities.



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