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Monday, October 14, 2013

Armenian Church Agrees To Alliance With Muslims?

The Episcopal Conference of the Armenian Apostolic Church has discussed a series of issues but the key issue that worries the Armenians has been left open. It is the issue of church reforms in line with modern challenges. If the church is a living body, it must develop and change. The Armenian Apostolic Church has not changed for centuries. It is a castle that has shifted to sheer defense, not even trying to set up relations with those who have opened up the doors. Because, perhaps, in that case it may have to find a place for itself in the big world. The quest for a religious identity is taking place all over the world. For example, recently Putin has announced at Valdai International Discussion Club that apostolic Christians and Muslims share the traditional principles of morality and behavior and focus on what they have in common, thereby distinguishing themselves from the West. In other words, Russia uses even its church to oppose itself to the West by allying with the Muslims. Having announced about membership to the Customs Union and becoming a Russian province, Armenia has to identify the line of demarcation. Does the Armenian Apostolic Church agree to join the Orthodox and Muslims to fight the influence of `bad' Christianity? The election of Pope Francis marked a new stage of reforms in the Catholic Church. The pope is doing everything so correctly that he has no opponents. And the return of the Catholic Church to Christian morality but already in the light of individual's freedom may challenge other churches, including the Armenian Church which does not consider freedom and equality as values. Catholicos Garegin II has not uttered a word about the foreign policy of Armenia unlike the churches of Ukraine which have stated that Ukraine is part of Europe and European Christian values. The silence of Garegin II can be perceived as a sign of consent, perhaps because his mandate covers the dioceses in Armenia and Russia but not the West and Middle East. The French Diocese, as well as the patriarchies of Constantinople and Jerusalem defy him. So does the House of Cilicia. 
 It may happen so that Garegin II's title Catholicos of All Armenians
may be replaced by Catholicos of the Customs Union.

Catholicos Garegin prefers money to religious conceptual matters. The
Episcopal Conference set up a foundation which will help the poor, as
well as the Armenian Syrians. However, the uncertainty of vision of
the Church and lack of spiritual unity will not allow this foundation
to become a source of goodness.



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