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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GREECE: Metropolitan of Konitsa, Andreas - “Let us claim about N. Epirus what the Albanians have claimed about Kosovo”

On the occasion of the declaration of the Kosovo “independence”, the Right Reverend Metropolitan of Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani & Konitsa, Mr. ANDREAS stated the following:

 “Since long time the USA has set its foot on the Balkans.What used to be so far a common secret was confirmed in the most celebratory manner by the recent declaration of “independence” in Kosovo, regarded by the Serbs as their birthplace. Surely the USA did not have to ask for anyone’s opinion as it arbitrarily decides and commands. Unfortunately in its unrighteous plans it is supported by the spineless and irresolute “European Union”, the latter by large majority having approbated that howling injustice against the Orthodox Serbia.

However the fact of such “independence” is bearing certain questioning forward. In particular: 
1) Up to this day the apposite leadership of our country in every occasion has been declaring “the inviolability of the borders” so that the N. Epirus question would not be remembered. But now what? Here is Kosovo declaring “independence”. Before that the two Germanies had reunified and Czechoslovakia was split into two states. Therefore such assertion proved stale and delusive.
2) During rejoicing in Pristina (capital city of Kosovo) the CNN international news agency showed a large red “banner” reading in white letters the following motto: “ There exists no Albania without Kosovo and Chameria” ending with “Independence in Kosovo” That means that Albania is provoking again. It brings the Chams up again. It once again claims the so called “Chameria”, that is Thesprotia. As the neighboring country constantly has been propagating and with the Albanian relevant expressions from time to time, it is not unlikely that Albania will eventually win the pot that it has been playing.
Therefore once again I am ringing the emergency bell. N. Epirus is sending out a mayday. It is about time that the politicians will walk away from quarreling and low politics while they put themselves in the N. Epirus rescue and at the same time in averting the “Greater Albania” plan. Because in case, God forbid, such plan is put into practice, we are to suffer a lot of ordeals. At last, let us claim about N. Epirus, what Albanians were claiming about Kosovo and eventually they accomplished, moving one more step forward: Autonomy for N. Epirus.

“Freedom requires virtue and bravery”. Events and time are moving fast, not waiting for us. A liable negligence on our behalf will be wrongful. I am praying, I am anguishing but I also am awaiting the national awakening. It is now that rescuing N. Epirus is emerging as imminent.

 (By the Holy Metropolis)

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