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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paul Walker's secret act of generosity - buying a $9,000 engagement ring for an war veteran and his new wife

  • The actor was in a Santa Barbara jewellery store in 2004 when he carried out the random act of generosity
  • A store employee revealed the story after Walker's tragic death in a fiery car crash on Saturday at the age of 40
Paul Walker's secret act of generosity - buying a $10,000 engagement ring for an Iraq war veteran and his fiancée - was revealed by the jewellery store following the star's tragic death  Kristen Upham, pictured with her husband Kyle, said that Paul Walker's generous purchase of her $10,000 engagement ring is the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for her 
 A military couple whose engagement ring was secretly bought by actor Paul Walker came forward today after finally having their suspicions confirmed that the star was behind the act of amazing generosity. 

Soldier Kyle Upham and his new wife Kristen were in a Santa Barbara jewellery store in 2004 looking for a diamond ring shortly before he was sent on his second deployment back to Iraq. 

The couple quickly realized that the other shopper in the store was Fast And The Furious star Walker and struck up a conversation. Kyle revealed to the actor that he had just come back from a tour of duty in Iraq.

Kristen Upham told CBS today: 'When he found out Kyle just came back from Iraq - I remember seeing the look in his face. He kind of transformed.'
The couple, from Victorville, ultimately left the store without a ring - after they decided they could not afford the $9,000 diamond band that Mrs Upham had set her heart on. 

A short time later, a sales assistant called the couple and told them to return to the store - where they were presented with the ring. 
Walker had sought out the manager of the store and told him to put the ring 'on his tab'.
When they astounded couple asked who bought it for them, the clerks refused to say - at Walker's request.
 The actor overheard the couple saying that they couldn't afford the ring, so he anonymously purchased it for them instead 

The Uphams kept the gift receipt and often suspected it had been the star but could never be certain.
The store, which has since closed its Santa Barbara outlet, kept Walker's secret but after the 40-year-old's tragic death in a car crash on Saturday, employee Irene King felt the world should know the actor's true character.

 Jewellery store clerk Irene King revealed the story of Paul Walker's generosity after the actor's death as she wants the world to know his true character 
Jewellery store clerk Irene King revealed the story of Paul Walker's generosity after the actor's death as she wants the world to know his true character

Mrs Upham said Walker's gesture remains the kindness thing anyone had ever done for her. 

She added: 'His real life speaks volumes of his character. He really did put his money where his mouth is and did good for this world.' 
 The memorial site of the fatal car crash of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas in California where fans left heartbroken tributes to the star

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