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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Czech Republic: The schism in the Czech Orthodox Church

Schism in the Church of the Czech 

 Archbishop of Olomouc and Brno Simeon about the schism in the Czech Orthodox Church.

He states that a written report of the meeting of the Holy Synod , which is available on the website , contains false information .

He also notes that " I feel sorry for the other members of the Holy Synod , who chose the path of rebellion and schism " and calls to reduce the Archbishop Rastislav ( Rostislav ) , Archbishop George ( George) and Metropolitan Joakim ( Jachim ) .At the same time, asking for help " from other Orthodox churches in the world , primarily by the Patriarchate in Istanbul " ..." I ask all the intellectuals and clergy to mention my name to resolve this situation ," he says as well.

Here's the whole speech in English:

Archbishop of Olomouc and Brno
Metropolitan Administrator of the Orthodox Church in the Czech lands and the Slovakia

To the Orthodox clergy, believers and all religious public,

I warn the clergy and believers of the Orthodox Church in the Czech lands and the Slovakia to the fact, that after today's (9 Dec. 2013) Sacred Synod meeting, I remained the only one canonical representative of our local Orthodox Church. Other members of the Sacred Synod unfortunately acted in the conflict to the holy canons at this meeting, which them led to the fact that they felt into rebellion against the current proper supreme head of our Church and into the schism situation in the eyes of the Orthodox Church.

I am shocked by their behaviour, and I beg to say that I did not cause the evolution of this situation, I did not want it and do not bear responsibility for it. I wished just solve the problem of the empty Prague archbishop's throne in the intention as I recently declared publicly in my two opened pastoral letters, whose content is known to the Church. However I think the other members of the Sacred Synod do not want to resolve the disastrous situation in the Prague eparchy, and that is why they frankly rejected the canonical and constitutional principles, which led them finally to the schism.

Please note that the written report about the Sacred Synod meeting, which is available on the website, contains false information.

I appeal to all our clergy and all Orthodox believers of our Church to stop considering archbishop Rastislav (Rostislav), the archbishop George (Juraj) and bishop Ioakim (Jachym) as the canonical Orthodox clergy members. And I ask all our clergy and all Orthodox believers of our Church to enclose around the only one canonical archpriest, who is after these events me, who remained alone. I am in sorrow for other members of the local Sacred Synod, who selected the path of rebellion and schism. I will work hard to calm the current turbulent situation. I will proceed exclusively through the way of sacred Orthodox tradition and canons of the Holy Fathers, and I ask the other Orthodox Churches in the world for help in it, first of all the Patriarchate in Constantinople. I am sure that using this approach with the help of God we can overcome not only the critical situation which happened today, but also all problems afflicting our church since April of this year.

I hereby ask all spiritual administrators and all the clergy that they will remember only my name in their liturgy service until resolving of this situation. This is the way that each such liturgy will become a part of the spiritual unity with the canonical Orthodoxy. I pastorally ask You to abstain from any ecclesiastical community with the schismatic bishops.

I as your shepherd urgently please for keeping the Church unity and maintenance of our entire Church on the path of Sacred Tradition of Holy Fathers and the canonical connection with other heads of Orthodox churches in the world, first of all with His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

In the near future, I shall convene the Sacred Synod in order to adjust the current situation and I shall inform the religious public about the further progress.

With archbishop blessing and love in Christ

+ Simeon

Archbishop of Olomouc and Brno
Metropolitan Administrator of the Orthodox Church in the Czech lands and the Slovakia

On 9 December 2013



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