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Thursday, December 5, 2013

German gov't consultant: Western countries trying to fabricate regime change in Ukraine

Western countries trying to fabricate regime change in Ukraine - German gov't consultant 

Tensions in the Ukrainian capital are not abating. The failure of the no-confidence motion on Tuesday pushed the euro integration supporters back to the streets. Hundreds of demonstrators blocked the government headquarters calling for the resignation of President Yanukovich and Prime Minister Azarov. Meanwhile reports have emerged Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs troops currently stationed in the Crimea are being transported to Kiev. Christoph Hörstel, a Government Consultant and Publicist in Germany, spoke to the Voice of Russia about the evolving crisis.

What is your personal stance on the Ukrainian issue?
To me it is quite obvious that through enormous use of secret service power again western countries tried to fabricate a regime change in Ukraine and unfortunately I have to say that I think German government is very much helpful in this regard.

When I was interviewed by Russian TV a few weeks ago, my urgent plea was to the Ukrainian government that they keep the game open as long as possible. If the Ukrainian people want to stand on their own feet and stop sitting between the chairs, then they should keep the game open as long as possible and deal with both sides. That is the most difficult job but otherwise the sovereignty of Ukrainian people will be in great danger.

What, do you think, was the real cause of the protests? Euro integration? Or craving for power?
You see, in this kind of political situation there is of course good reason with the simple people to be unhappy. There is a subject of joblessness, subject of not enough economical and political and freedom development. This is all correct. But what happens here is that outside powers make use of the justified unhappiness with the government and try to swat the justified demonstrators against their own government and on behalf of foreign powers, and that is something right-minded people in Europe and in other countries in the world should turn against.

Do you personally see Ukraine as part of the European Union?
I hope this won’t happen. I don’t see it in this regard. The history of Ukraine, the history of the European continent, the history of Eastern Europe and Russia speaks against that very much and we must make sure about one point to understand things well. The EU and NATO powers behind that are not having the Ukrainian people and their well-being in mind. That is my personal main concern – how well is the future of the Ukrainian people set in the politics of their government? And I can tell you the EU is not after the people in the Ukraine. They are after influence, after power, after money and after raw materials and resources. This is natural resources, this is what happened here and Ukrainian people will be well advised to keep that in mind.

How would you describe the future of the country if the signing of the agreement was not postponed?
The Ukrainian people stand in front of great challenges in their history. And I know that they can manage it. If they had signed the agreement now, the EU would come leaning on their government – “do this, do that, allow this contract” and there would be a lot of stuff under the table, people will be bribed. The EU does these things. They are not in the open, they are not in our media, the most hypocritical and self-righteous politicians I know in the world are the west. I think the Ukraine was very well advised not to sign this agreement now. And for the future let Russia, let the EU work to get Ukraine on their side and let’s see what comes now on the side of the Ukrainian people. I am very curious about that one.

I have to say I am a little bit shocked by your statement. You basically said that the way that the EU does business is not very transparent.
Of course not. Transparency is not out game, look at our media. Look at our half-official weekly magazine Spiegel is publishing. A few days ago they were already overjoyed and they wrote that the Ukrainian government was just a few inches away from stepping down. That was right before the vote of non-confidence in the Ukrainian parliament. That was nonsense. The vote of non-confidence was 40, votes short of a takeover, it was 186 to 226 votes needed. That is ridiculous to write things like that. But it shows the open-minded reader what the EU is hinting at, where we are going and that is interesting.

After the yesterday’s no confidence failed, could we expect that protests will start gradually easing?
I can give you a very double prompted answer. I think if the Ukrainian government is wise and strong, then the demonstrations will fail. If the Ukrainian government and Russia for that part show any small sign of weakness in this regard, then the demonstrations will continue to grow.



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