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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thirty seven thousand women were raped in the suburbs of Damascus only

Thirty seven thousand women were raped in the suburbs of Damascus only - Bianca Madia 

The number of victims during the war in Syria has exceeded 100 thousand people; the number of refugees has exceeded two million people. Statistics usually bypass the number of victims among women. But crimes against women are an essential part of the tragic statistics of this war, participant of the women's movement in Syria Bianca Madia said in an interview with the Voice of Russia.

The number of rapes committed during the last three years is simply enormous. The Human Rights Watch organization (HRW) recently published a report on the living conditions of Syrian women. But there is not one iota of truth in this document; it looks like it was created only to accuse the authorities.
There's not a word about the crimes of the militants. I can say with full responsibility that the Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militants use to burst into small villages, kidnap women and rape them. After this they are usually killed or left in sexual slavery. If a woman survives, she needs professional medical help, otherwise she will remain crippled - mentally and sometimes physically.

Do you have any proof, exact numbers?
According to the report of the Syrian National Reconciliation Commission, 37 thousand cases of rape were recorded in the suburbs of Damascus. And this is the data from those cities and villages that were liberated from the terrorists. Women are now working with psychologists. So far, there is no data from the areas that are held by the terrorists. 

The veracity of my words can be proved by numerous videos. Our militants are very fond of recording their “heroics”. When they cut off the head of another “unfaithful sinner” or rape someone, they record this process. Then, when the army mops up the area from militants, it finds such videos recorded in the phones of killed bandits.

A video was found recently, which is already published on the Internet, showing an incident in one of the districts of Homs, where terrorists kidnapped young girls and women, stripped them naked and drove in an open pick-up truck along all the roads of the district. The car stopped several times and the women were raped... At the same time wives of these militants were giggling and whooping, congratulating the raped women with their new status of concubines. 

Once a video was found showing women with covered faces cutting off breasts of raped women and then throwing the bodies in the scrap yard. And there are lots of such cases, most of which happen in Homs and in the suburbs of Damascus. Lots of bodies of murdered women with cut off body parts are found in scrap yards.

A psychologist from Homs wrote a report about a very young patient of his, who had been subjected to gang rape, while being kept prisoner by terrorists. He ends his report with these words: “My colleagues and I still can't cure her... She used to tear her clothes off and beat her head against a wall, trying to kill herself.”
After such incidents many women run away from the country to Lebanon, Turkey or Jordan. They try to forget their life in Syria and its tragic events. And nobody knows how many of these aggrieved women live there.

Are they hiding for fear of wry glances?
Of course! They don't want to admit it, because they are afraid of public opinion. After all, this is a spot on your entire life, even if you're a victim.



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