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Friday, June 27, 2014

NATO will attack Russia in 2 years to fight for Crimea

The USA and the EU introduced sanctions against several Russian politicians, businessmen and companies after Russia reunited with the Crimea in March, following the results of the referendum on the peninsula. Now the US threatens to expand sanctions by introducing restrictions on the export of technologies for the oil and gas industry to Russia.

Vice Rector of the Russian Economic University named after Plekhanov, member of the Public Chamber, Director of the Institute of Political Studies, political scientist Sergei Markov said in an interview with  that Washington may decide to impose the third package of sanctions against Russia.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Moscow should stop the flow of weapons across the border. Kerry urged Putin to call on "separatists" to "lay down their arms." Obama again called Merkel and Hollande and agreed to make the announcement about sanctions in the field of energy and "Moscow's restrictions to world financial markets" at the EU summit on June 26-27.

"Putin stated in Vienna that peace talks do not imply the disarmament of the south-east of Ukraine, so it is unlikely that the wishes of the Americans will be fulfilled. Does it mean that the West will announce new sanctions against Russia?" 

"I think that sanctions will be inevitably developing. The more steps Russia takes to retreat, the tougher the sanctions will be. There is a struggle of the party of peace and the party of war in Washington. The party of war claims that it can arrange a coup in Russia with the help of war to overthrow the leadership and bring a puppet government to power to put Russia down on its knees. They claim that the Russian government is afraid of sanctions, and, therefore, sanctions must be applied as the main tool of showing influence on Russia. 
"Moreover, I think that sanctions will affect middle classes in the future as well, because the goal is to set the middle class against the leadership of the country and create problems for the middle class. So all this will continue to evolve.

"Washington has committed so many crimes in Ukraine, that it is obvious that there is a global goal hidden behind it. Obviously, the goal is a coup in Russia, like it was in Ukraine. Russia maneuvers and tries to get away from deploying the troops.
"There should be no peace and no equality of Russian and Ukrainian communities in Ukraine. Washington needs the de-Russification of Ukraine, to have extremist, terrorist forces in power that will conduct the violent de-Russification and become a tool of struggle against the Russian leadership.

"I believe that this plan includes the following. There will be strong anti-Russian propaganda conducted as it is now being done in most parts of Ukraine. They will make common Ukrainians hate Russia, Russians and everything related to Russia. They will use terror to suppress all forces that oppose this, as was done in Kharkov and Odessa. 

"Afterwards, they will have the NATO army ready. In two years, the army of NATO will attack Russia to fight for the Crimea. Fighters from the "Right Sector" nationalist movement will be used as mass saboteurs, terrorists, who, in the fight for the Crimea, will conduct mass terrorist attacks in Russian cities."

"U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers -Obama's election sponsor - said that potential sanctions against Russian energy, defense and financial sectors may harm U.S. businesses and lead to job losses. Is this a serious argument?"
"Indeed, it will cause considerable damage, but no one will listen. Interests of particular businesses will be subordinated to common interests. There are many people, who want to avoid the Cold War between Russia and the West. This is an illusion. We are already in a condition that is much more serious than a Cold War. This is a hybrid war being waged by the war party in Washington. It is possible to remove the war party from power by only proving that going on the path of war is impossible. As long as the war party supervises the U.S. foreign policy, there will be no peace in Ukraine."

"Who guides the U.S. president, even if American entrepreneurs are against these sanctions? Or are they unsuccessful actions of Obama as a politician?"
"The war party does. There are different businesses there. The military business is not against the war. Those companies that were promised to have Gazprom and Rosneft in their hands after Russia is kneeled - they do not mind."

"Are they sanctions against Putin personally? Why does Obama dislike the Russian president?"
"It's not that he dislikes him. Maybe he's a little jealous. But this is not important. The bottom line is that Putin is seen as one of those who disagree with Washington's omnipotence."



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