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Friday, June 27, 2014

UKRAINE: Petro Poroshenko’s bodyguards are british mercenaries from ‘Aegis Defense Services’


On June 24 online appeared photo of pseudopresident of Ukraine Poroshenko accompanied by guards, obviously not of Ukrainian descent, and obviously not in the Ukrainian outfit, would be a sensation. However, after the confirmation of numerous facts that Kiev junta is using foreign mercenaries it could no longer surprise anybody. And yet we are talking about the so-called "First person" of collapsing state, it was not hard puzzle to establish who protects this "person".

After investigation to determine whom Poroshenko chosen as his guards, so to speak, a popularly elected president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, which obviously does not trust the security of its big and "chocolate" body to Ukrainian patriots.

In one of photo Poroshenko is surrounded by bodyguards, armed with Belgian automatic guns P90, brand hats on their heads, with fashionable shoes Lowa, and all this gallant brotherhood blongs to the company Aegis Defence Services.
Poroshenko is protected by employees of private military companies (PMCs), which is known that its headquarters are located in the UK, in London (at least, some contact talk about it listed on the official website of the company). Aegis Defence Services provides security services at the international level, it is known to cooperate with UN missions and the U.S. government, but individuals and friendly Brits ready to offer their services.

Geographical interests of the company are very broad: Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kenya, Nepal, and now, as it turned out, and Ukraine. Aegis engaged quick response and, curiously, the risk evaluation and protection of "oil" interests. The company employs about five thousand men.

Kiev junta still continues to deny the presence of foreign mercenaries in ATO.





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