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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Catholic Church concedes celibacy may have contributed to child sex abuse


The Catholic Church has conceded that its vow of celibacy may have led to the abuse of children at the hands of the clergy.

The church's Truth, Justice and Healing Council to respond to the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse today released an activity report conceding that "obligatory celibacy" may have contributed to decades of child abuse involving the clergy, and that ongoing training was necessary for priests.

The council's chief executive officer Francis Sullivan said the training should include "psychosexual development".

"The proper training, formation, the proper understanding of psychosexual issues for individuals has been raised, and it's a no-brainer," Mr Sullivan said.
He said in the wake of the report even the most sacred traditions were up for discussion, but was not recommending that celibacy no longer be a requirement for priests.

"When we have a public inquiry into the sex crimes in the Catholic Church, you need to address how sexuality is understood and acted out by members of the clergy," Mr Sullivan said.

"You need a very clear understanding about your own sexuality, your own sexual development, your own way of relating as a person to others.

"That's called psychosexual education. Certainly in the past, there was none."
The report also stated the church turned a blind eye to abuse for decades, and that in the past, some of its leaders did not understand that the abuse of a child was a crime.

'Report does not go far enough'

Victims of child sexual abuse have said the report does not go far enough to address the problem.

Nicky Davis from the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests said the Church should simply admit it had not handled complaints appropriately.
"The redress in a lot of cases was absolutely disgraceful and very very devious, and done in such a way to exploit the vulnerability and the damage that survivors had already suffered," Ms Davis said.


"Every case that I'm aware of involves church officials manipulating and deceiving survivors and putting them in a position where they have no choice but to accept a pittance.
"And the Church officials are aiming to provide as little redress as they can get away with."

The report acknowledged that survivors, as well as many Catholics and the broader community, felt the compensation offered to victims was not adequate - blaming a general lack of information about the Church's redress schemes.

The suggestion of a link between a priest's vow of celibacy and child sexual abuse has previously divided Australia's senior Catholic clergy.

Cardinal George Pell acknowledged there may be a connection in his evidence to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry last year.
But Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart vehemently denied any connection before the royal commission this year.




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