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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ancient underground labyrinth found in Egypt ‘contains 3000 rooms with hieroglyphs’ VIDEO

Ancient underground labyrinth found in Egypt ‘contains 3000 rooms with hieroglyphs’

During the Mataha expedition (Mataha = labyrinth in Arabic) in 2008, the team investigated a lost subterranean labyrinth in the Egyptian Hawara.

A colossal temple described by many classic authors like Herodotusand Strabo, to contain 3000 rooms full of hieroglyphs and paintings.

The sand of Hawara was scanned by the Belgian Egyptian expeditionteam using the highest level of technology to unlock the secrets of the past and they found the legendary building lost for 2 millenia under the ancient sands of Egypt.

The labyrinth is located just south of the pyramid of Amenemhat III. The pyramid of Amenemhat III is 58 meters high and the sides are about 100 meters long.

The huge mortuary temple that originally stood adjacent to this pyramid is believed to have formed the basis of the “labyrinth”.



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