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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Over 80% of Russians against same-sex "marriages

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Moscow - The percentage of Russians who are positive about the law banning the propaganda of homosexuality is increasing and is now 77% against 67% in 2013, Levada Center told.

Fifteen percent of the respondents do not support this law and 7% said they are not interested, a poll surveying 800 people conducted in 46 regions of Russia shows.

Over half of the respondents said they see this law aims to protect morals (67% against 60% in 2013), while 14% believe it aims to distract public attention from other problems and 7% believe it is aimed at fanning feud.

Seven percent of the respondents said they support the idea to allow same-sex "marriage" in Russia and 84% said they are negative towards it.

Twenty-nine percent of the respondents believe homosexuals are subjected to physical violence in Russia, while 32% believe they are discriminated against (psychological pressure, encroachments on rights, etc.). Thirty-seven percent of the respondents and 33% of the respondents respectively, have the opposite opinion.

A little more than one-third of the respondents (37%) believe homosexuality is a disease that needs to be treated (against 34% in 2013). One-fourth of the respondents (26% against 17% in 2013) see homosexuality as a result of bad upbringing, promiscuity and a bad habit.

The percentage of respondents who see homosexuality as a result of seduction has decreased from 23% to 13% in the past two years. One out of every ten respondents believe homosexuality is innate (11% against 16% in 2013).

Two-thirds of Russians said their feelings about homosexuals are manly negative: fear and loathing (24%), irritation (22%), and tension (19%). One out of every four respondents (26%) reacts to homosexuals and lesbians "calmly, without any special emotion." Only 3% are friendly to homosexuals or interested in them.

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