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Monday, May 11, 2015

Head of Russian Church: The Victory in Great Patriotic War the God's miracle - We Agree!

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Moscow, - Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War was granted by God's providence, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes.

"It is impossible to explain this victory from the human point of view. The Church that perceives history of humanity through the prism of religious perception witnesses that Victory in the Great Patriotic War was God's miracle," the patriarch said after the liturgy in St. George Church at the Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow on the Feast of St. George the Victory Bearer.

The Primate stressed that this miracle would have never happened if "millions of human lives had not been sacrificed for victory, if our whole nation had not strained themselves giving all forces to win a victory over the enemy."

It is not by chance that the war was over on the Easter Day and the Feast of St. George.

"We believe that the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was granted through his prayers for our suffering people who faced terrific bloodshed, civil conflicts, revolutions, war in the first half of the 20th century. People who carefully preserved faith seemed to loose it entirely. These terrible war strikes of thunder momentarily resurrected Orthodox faith in people's hearts," the patriarch said.       

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 The Icon of Our Lady of Kazan

The Icon of Our Lady of Kazan

In 1941, during World War II against Nazi Germany, the Virgin appeared to Metropolitan Ilya of the Antiochian Church, who prayed wholeheartedly for Russia. She instructed him to tell the Russians that they should carry the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan in a religious procession around the besieged city of Leningrad (now St Petersburg). Then, the Virgin said, they should serve a prayer service before the icon in Moscow. The Virgin said that the icon should stay with the Russian troops in Stalingrad, and later move with them to the Russian border. Leningrad did not surrender. Miraculously, Moscow was also saved.

During the Battle of Stalingrad, the icon was with the Russian army on the right bank of the Volga, and the Nazi troops could not cross the river. The Battle of Stalingrad began with a prayer service before the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan. Only when it was finished did the troops receive the order to attack. The Icon of the Virgin of Kazan was at the most important sectors of the front, and in the places where the troops were preparing for an offensive. It was like in the old times, when in response to earnest prayers, the Virgin instilled fear in enemies and drove them away. Even atheists told stories of the Virgin’s help to the Russian troops.

During the assault on Königsberg in 1944, the Soviet troops were in a critical situation. Suddenly, the soldiers saw their commander arrive with priests and an icon. Many made jokes, “Just wait, they will help us”! The commander silenced the jokers. He ordered everybody to line up and to take off their uniform caps. When the priests finished the prayer service, they moved to the frontline carrying the icon. The amazed soldiers watched them going straight forward, under intense Nazi fire. Suddenly, the Nazis stopped shooting. Then, the Russian troops received orders to attack on the ground and from the sea. Nazis died in the thousands. Nazi prisoners told the Russians that they saw the Virgin in the sky before the Russians began to attack, the whole of the Nazi army saw Her, and their weapons would not fire.

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