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Sunday, June 1, 2014

U.S.: Police throw stun grenade into baby's CRIB (photos)

U.S.: Police threw a grenade in a crib! (photos)   

With severe burns, o 19 months old baby boy is "battling" to stay alive in a hospital being hit by a stun grenade in his crib during a police operation against drug barons.  


His mom, Bounkham Phonesavanh Jr,, had taken the unfortunate boy with her to her sister's home, when a SWAT team raided the house throwing the grenade. He suffered severe injuries and burns, both in his face and chest. "It landed in his crib and exploded on the cushion next to him" said the mother of the child, who is hospitalized in a coma in a special burn unit, adding: "We went to see him and his whole face had opened and there is a large cut on his chest. He's just 19 months old and did nothing..."

On his part, the police chief, Rick Darby, said the raid took place against a drug circuit, while SWAT team had a warrant to arrest a man who had drugs and weapons in the house: "In this, there were no children's clothes or toys to testify that a child is living there" adding that the entire unit is devastated by the incident: "Everyone attempts to minimize the chances of something going wrong, but in this case it couldn't go worse".


Wanis Thometheva, 30 years old, eventually was arrested during the raid, but the family of Bou Jr has no medical insurance, so a special fund was established for the hospitalization and treatment of the boy...



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