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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Russia's Channel One show satellite photo evidencing MH17 was downed by fighter jet VIDEO


The photographs, said to be taken by a Western satellite, appear to show a fighter jet firing a missile at a passenger plane over eastern Ukraine where the Malaysian airliner was shot down on July 17, killing all 298 people on board.

 Experts conducted a detailed analysis of all available information from all sources, produced technical calculations and elaborated version of causes of death “Boeing”. The conclusion of the experts was that the only technically possible version was the destruction of the Malaysian airliner with a missile and gun armament another plane. Pay attention to one point in the report is the absence of any credible evidence of the start of the missiles “ground-to-air”. Start “Buk” is accompanied by a fiery cloud, a deafening roar that can be heard within a radius of up to 10 km, and inversion followed which is clearly observed in the sky for up to 10 minutes. In short, there was most likely no “Buk”, no start from the ground. In the presence of district disaster dozens of professional observers from all sides and thousands unprofessional, no one has seen or recorded. While the aircraft was seen and recorded. And it was definitely not Russian planes. The arguments of the experts were heard on the Internet, the report was translated into English and German. First Vice-President of the Russian Union of Engineers Ivan Andrievsky said:

When we began to receive a large amount of information, among which was a different material, engineering calculations, and ultimately on Nov 12, we received this. “I fully agree with the results of your analysis of the causes of the crash of the Boeing,” says the man who presented himself as a graduate of MIT, Aviaexport with twenty years of experience, George Bilt. “The Boeing was hit by a pursuing fighter jet. First, the crew fired from a cannon, then the cab was struck by an air-to-air missile, then the right engine and right wing were struck by a missile with thermal homing system.” The photo which is clearly evident in the launch of the rocket from under the left wing fighter exactly at the cockpit, was attached to the email. On the terrain, weather conditions, the dimensions of the aircraft shot fully consistent with the circumstances of the accident. We saw a satellite image taken with not a very high orbit. And such images are usually made for general intelligence air and ground space. In accordance with the coordinates specified in the picture, we can assume that the picture was taken by a UKUSA satellite. We undertook a detailed analysis of this picture and no signs of tampering were found.

All versions should be considered, including the proverbial “Buk”. The person who sent the picture, showing how the MiG-29 kills passenger “Boeing”, whoever he was, of course, professional. In order to forge this requires even more professionalism than to access such information. Here is every reason to believe that the committed state crimes by those who destroyed the plane deliberately and cynically. And those who consciously and cynically hides it with exhaustive information.



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