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Sunday, November 23, 2014

You'll never think the same way again: Masonic Compass and Pentagram: The Royals’ Secret Symbols Hidden in Plain Sight

This morning she received a visit from her personal physician, Professor John Cunningham, who arrived by scooter. The visit it is believed to have led to her being discharged  

On , the British Newspapers reported that the Queen of England, caught a stomach bug but was released from royal King Edward VII hospital smiling and well.

Note that this is the very same royal hospital which produced a dead administrative worker before Christmas 2012, one Jacintha Saldanha, the alleged victim of a prank Australian radio prank.
Despite suffering from debilitating sickness, the 86-year-old refused to allow an ambulance to collect her

It was revealed that innocent Jacintha was not the main subject of the Aussie radio prank as she merely passed the phone over to someone else on staff, and was not ‘traumatised’ or depressed – as the press campaigned to the public, further fueling speculation that she was ‘suicided’ (killed) in order to send a message to public not to meddle in royal life, or to fulfill some other unknown purpose. 

Prank calls happen all the time, and no one has ever committed suicide over one, therefore, the suicide claim by authorities is hardly credible.

Was it really a suicide? What was her motive? Will we ever know?

Upon the Queen’s release, a photograph of her next to her nurse reveals – and proves, what many have speculated over the years, that there is in fact a secretive satanic and masonic culture which operates in and around Britain’s Royal Family. Notice the belt buckle of the Queen’s medical minder in the photo below, adorned with the symbol of the 5 tipped star pentagram along with the masonic compass.

Now we can understand the Masonic compass, as its a private, ‘Masonic’ hospital, but why is the the occult pentagram? What does it mean? Look…

What does it mean? There are a number of 
ancient references to the pentagram symbol in the occult.

A closer look reveals the belt buckle of the royal hospital staff. Not so secret.


Does anyone else find this strange?
How much more proof do we need that the our planetary elite are hiding some hidden agenda from the world’s public who ultimately empower them? It seems that the royals are heavily affiliated with secret societies that the rest of the general public know very little about, and that, surely, things understood only in secret by ruling elites cannot advance ‘democracy’ in the 21st century.

Check out more photos here


Hospital pranked: While the Duchess of Cambridge, pictured outside the King Edward VII Hospital, was treated for acute morning sickness it was subjected to a hoax-phone call which was blamed for a nurse's suicide



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