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Monday, May 4, 2015

Does Bishop David Know What He's Doing? Bishop of Serbian Orthodox Church David consecrates storage full of beer

Photo: Krusevac Info Portal 

High-ranking individuals from the Serbian Orthodox Church and local government organized in Krusevac a surreal show for the cameras in which the main actor – the Bishop of Krusevac David, with his assistants in priestly robes, consecrated a new warehouse full of beer, writes “Krusevac Info Portal”.

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The Bishop made a fair effort to scare the devil out of the warehouse, so the business would be more successful, so he stretched as much as he could to reach even the crates in the highest places. So the beer in the warehouse became holy, and the whole ceremony became even more formal as it was attended by Bratislav Gasic, the Minister of Defense, which was particularly emphasized by the Diocese of Krusevac in its statement, continues the portal.

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The connection of the Minister, Bishop David and “Viva” company, dates back into the past, so it is not surpising that these important protagonists found themselves in such a ceremony. Good relations between Gasic and the Bishop of Krusevac were confirmed two weeks ago when, on the hill Bagdala above Krusevac, Bishop David led a ceremony of consecration of foundations of a church, whose construction is financed by the minister and his family.

Photo: Krusevac Info Portal 

Gasic, as the longtime mayor of Krusevac, managed to build excellent relations with the owner of the company “Viva”, Dragan Andjelkovic. They, among other things, worked together in the Council Chamber of the City of Krusevac when the Minister was the president of that body, and Andjelkovic a member. Their relations remained so good that it was no difficulty for Gasic to come from Belgrade and struck a cornerstone of almost every object Andjelkovic constructed.

The celebration of Andjekovic’s latest business venture in an area of 2,500 square meters on Tuesday, as reported by the local media, was attended by the Mayor of Krusevac Dragi Nestorovic and with his closest associates, the chief of administrative district of Resina Branimir Vesic, deputies, city hall officials, directors of public enterprises and institutions, businessmen and numerous other guests.

Photo: Krusevac Info Portal

What Does the Bible Say About Drinking Alcohol?

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