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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Orthodox Church have a common agreed line of actions


Patriarch Kirill had become an Honorary Doctor of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Foreign ambassadors, employees of the diplomatic corps and the faculty of the University all arrived at his awarding ceremony in the Diplomatic Academy. 

As the rector of the Diplomatic Academy Yevgeny Bazhanov explained, the Scientific Council of the Diplomatic Academy made a decision on awarding the Patriarch with the title of Honorary Doctor "for his outstanding contribution to the spiritual and moral, educational and peacekeeping activities, for the benefit of the country, achievements in the field of science, help and support in the development of the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs." 

"The people who have studied and worked here for a long time are tightly tied with the Orthodox Church. In the XIX century there was the Tsarevich Nicholas Imperial Lyceé. Simansky, one of the graduates of the Lyceé, became His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia," Bazhanov noted.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who attend the ceremony, said that “His Holiness is an Honorary Doctor of a number of prestigious universities and higher institutes in Russia and abroad. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs we are especially glad that today our Diplomatic Academy joins the series, thus making a contribution to the recognition of the merits of His Holiness the Patriarch to a deep understanding of this complex stage of world development, analysis of the key problems of our time through the prism of eternal moral and spiritual values.”

The patriarch himself, receiving a diploma, talked about politics: “We are most vulnerable in front of the terrible face of extremism, terrorism, that uses the name of Islam as a mask. Terrorists commit awful cruel actions, declaring their main aim to be the complete expulsion of Christians from their traditional places of residence. Those actions that are taking place in this region can be called a genocide of the Christian population. 400 Christian churches have been damaged and destroyed in Syria. I ask: who will restore them? Who will give money? And will they? Will they pay any attention to the fact that 400 churches were destroyed? Without any reason, without anything, because someone does not like the fact that the territory of Syria is the historical homeland of the Christian community. The Middle East is the birthplace of Christianity.

In this regard, I would like especially to emphasize the importance of relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All these topics are on the agenda and in regular working contacts. As a result, we have a coordinated common line of action. And in particular, this led to the adoption of the recent resolution, initiated by Russia, the Vatican and Lebanon on the protection of the Christians. I believe that this document could be the starting point of the development of wider international cooperation in respect of this topic.”

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