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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Russian writer: the end of world approaching from the U.S., only prayers can save the world


  Moscow, October 10, Interfax – A well-known Russian writer Eduard Topol believes that in the near future the end of days can take place, and just appeal to God can save the situation.

"Once again I would like to appeal to all the Christian priests, the Jewish rabbis and Muslim imams and preachers: if you do not want the death of his flock and of your children in a hell of the third world war, raise up your General prayers to our Lord God Almighty: putting aside the war in 1996 and in 2006, he shall have mercy on us from it, and in this, 2012," he writes in an article published on Wednesday in the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.

The writer believes that if all corners of the planet all the priests from the Buddhists to Christians, Muslims and Jews - "together offer the highest reason their prayers, then, moved by the pure energy of this prayer, God will deliver us from evil."

Topol presented this scenario: if Barack Obama wins the presidential elections in November, the people "will be the joy of smashing shops and banks and storm the Wall Street." The stock exchange will collapse, the dollar will go down to zero, the world economy will be in chaos. The loser Mitt Romney will announce the results of the elections are falsified, and his supporters will take to the streets to protect their property and capitalism.

"The armed battles will go to civil war. For its suppression of the incumbent President will declare a state of emergency and confiscation of the population of weapons, vehicles and foodstuffs. In response to this Texas, Arizona, Alaska and North Carolina will come out of the USA. The civil war and disintegration of the States will start the attack by Iran on Israel, to the use of nuclear weapons and the beginning of the third world war. Tsunami radical Islam over Russia and Europe," the author writes.

According to him, the same consequences and election as President of

From the words of his friend, the poet Larissa Gerstein, Topol told, as in the past in Jerusalem as a result of the terrorist attacks adults and children were regularly killed Gerstein who at that time was deputy mayor of the city, gathered the local rabbis and asked them to pray to God about the termination of the terrorist attacks.

"In the same day, all the rabbis of Jerusalem were on the round-the-clock prayer - three days prayed constantly, asking the Lord for protection. And what do you think? The attacks have stopped! Not forever, no, but in the long term," Topol said.

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